4K Napoli, Italia Walking Tour | Via Toledo – Galleria Umberto – Piazza Plebiscito (Naples, Italy)

A 4K walking tour of Naples, Italy. This passeggiata takes us down via Toledo the main street in this historic city. We see the historic Galleria Umberto Napoli, and finish with the incredible Piazza Plebiscito. This is seeing Napoli 4K. A captioned virtual tour of through the center of Naples.

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Time stamps –
00:00 – via Toldeo
25.00 – Galleria Umberto
30.30 – Piazza Plebiscito

Our videos allow you to visit Napoli and travel from home with tours. Many Italy tourists only spend a short time in Naples, so they want to know what to see and do in Naples. This is our Naples travel guide, giving you a Naples city tour based on a common tourist route finishing at the historic piazza Plebiscito.

🔴 This video showing Naples 4K was filmed in September of 2021. Whether you are looking for things to do Naples, or to experience the wonders of a foreign city while completing a treadmill walking workout, I hope you can see the beauty of Napoli, Italia.

Have you traveled to Naples? Let us know in the comments below!

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