Tim Allen shares his private garage containing a diverse car collection of hot rods, customs, sports cars, and even a @Tesla! Some celebrity garages only have new cars, but Tim is a genuine hot rodder and enjoys building cars and driving fast. On this two-part tour, you’ll see all of Tim’s cars and including the famous LT5.

Tim is an American actor and comedian. He is known for playing Tim “The Toolman” Taylor on the sitcom Home Improvement and Mike Baxter on the Last Man Standing. Tim also voices Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s Toy Story!

Watch Pt. 2 here:

0:00 – Intro
2:13 – 72′ Bronco
3:04 – 71′ VW
3:19 – Volvo P1800
4:17 – F100 built by McLaren
5:09 – LT5 Impala
8:00 – Chevy 409 Bubble top
8:40 – Ferrari 330 GTC
10:15 – Pontiac GTO Ram Air 4
11:26 – Ford Custom
12:35 – Studebaker Sleeper Cab
14:30 – Ford RS200
16:51 – Mustang GT350R
18:15 – Ford GT
20:23 – Shelby Cobra

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  1. Freakin rat

  2. It’s a sad day to know that by 2032 all these beautiful cars will be the government’s according to bidens green energy bill. They say they will confiscate all gas cars and be given “green” cars.

  3. Relentless Ohio

    That Copo though, dayum.

  4. Do gun collection next!

  5. Urgh urgh urgh!

  6. Tim Allen is the real deal hes a real American I love it that he tells the good and the bad about every couple

  7. casualdrifter end games

    Only buy what u can use in life my motto.. 😁…. 😢.. Bought new trainers last year.. Been reglued 5x..😁…

  8. nice to see that he still has that LT5 Impala SS, AWESOME!!

  9. He never got to the 70/71 Torino Cobra. That is what I wanted to see and hear about.

  10. "Apple phone golf cart"

  11. Tim keep that 96 impala in shape I might wanna buy it someday 😅 just waiting to hit the lottery.

  12. DuSStin wxthree

    Tim’s ss Is so sick

  13. I like that gun collection in the background I thought he was a felon probably Airsoft

  14. grew up loving this guy. hes still got it.

  15. Man I wish they show every celebrity classic cars Collection

  16. That Volvo was build to be seen, ergo it's slow. But design wise, it's a gem. If you ever go by one in real life, check out the entire cars shapes, meters and all. It is an awesome looking car. Volvo P1800 I believe it is..

  17. Giordano Tirelli

    Happy birthday tim from italian boy live in rome

  18. Very nice cars

  19. i hate seeing him old ):

  20. Tim is my child hood

  21. Country Lyricist

    It is incredibly difficult to not like Tim Allen.

  22. Wish he kept his GMC Typhoon.

  23. what's with the dub for the bronco?

  24. This may come as a shock to most Americans but motors are electric and Engines are internal combustion vehicles.

  25. From men are Pigs, when i was a 90s kid.
    Home improvement, one of few shows ive watched.
    A true car guy, through and trough.
    Straight forward real and funny.
    Love the take on LETS PUT A TRUCK MOTOR IN IT" thats comical.
    Good for you Mr. Allen.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Love your Copo camero you shared with us on a show Jay.

    Yes a sport bike would be safer,,,,

    Be safe have fun

  26. Hey Tim if you ever start selling off your collection I would like to be the first one to buy that 67 Impala you own

  27. Philip Ercolano

    Nice cars too bad hes a trumpanzee

  28. Man has he aged….

  29. Could use a little better audio. Hate to miss what he has to say.

  30. 7:34 Okay Tim, I know I'm not a Yank but what IS a stick rear axle?
    13:35 Oh Tim, I thought you were a driver and you cant drive a crash box, only kidding (sort of).

  31. Rocky's Modern Life

    Tim Allen has an mp5, Thompson, m240, and ford gt within 25 ft of one another. lmao

  32. This Cocaine smuggler has come a long way from hosting topless volleyball. Way to spend that money to make the entire world better and not be a selfish dick as if the wealth of the entire world didn't belong to the entire world, good job!

  33. Tim I see where this is going…all these cars are my wife's I drive this nice ford pinto here
    Gets great gas milage.

  34. All that money and potential… where's the howitzer? Bren gun carrier? Anything exciting? Someone asked why rich people are so boring? Good question.
    Edit After watching: tim Allen doesn't fully appreciate or deserve those amazing machines. He doesn't even know what he owns, he had to go in after filming and edit in the year's and models. Just amazing. Why do you own them! Leno restores and drives them, he genuinely appreciates them and has saved countless cars from being lost to the ages. Allen's cars just sit there. They're nothing more than status symbols for him.

  35. It is interesting how I have nothing against electric cars and do feel that’s where the industry is headed, but when we no longer have the sounds of, for instance, a classic Mustang V8, that’ll be a sad day 🙁 Hopefully it’ll at least be somewhat offset by also no longer having horrible/whiny sounding engines either though lol 😂

  36. Nicholle Christine Edwards


  37. SpudsFamilyJewels

    Enjoying this as I'm in my garage admiring my 1989 formula firebird and my 1987 super magna motorcycle. Great collection he has
    That shelby cobra is my dream car

  38. Dazlidorne Jenkins

    Seriously, why blur out license plates? Everyone knows where this building is. License plates are visible in public. If we are so paranoid, why don't we all be like Steve Jobs and just not have a license plate?

  39. Tim doesn’t look himself or sound like himself for some reason

  40. Rogers that spec ops pressing charges federal and state charges on as many have broken the law I fall into..mos def going nuclear. 37 yrs wtf xxxx wife from 26 yrs ago bae pik me up already I'm being patient

  41. Big respect to the dedication and knowledge to keep refining his cars to his own specs. to get what he wants in eaht type of car. Lucky man. Hard work had a big part to play.

  42. Why don't you give me the sign ? Typical rich people !