MELT-BANANA Official Announcement about cancellation of US tour 2020

We are very sad to announce that our “Flip Flop US Tour 2020” has been canceled due to Covid-19…. Also other plans in 2020 will seem to be canceled.
We still need to reschedule our plans. We hope the situation will be fine and we will be able to play shows and tour again!


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  1. turntableterrorist

    each strike of cancelled show destroys Agata. so sad

  2. Suburban White Dad

    One of the greatest bands to ever exist! Thank you!

  3. Super cute video, looking forward to the future!

  4. One does not simply click 'Like' on a video announcing canceled Melt Banana tours… But I'm glad to hear you're doing ok 🙂 Was really looking forward to your show at Brutal Assault, last time I saw you were back in 2000 or 2001. Still one of the best concerts I've been to!

  5. MELT-BANANA Forever !!!!

  6. Stay safe YAKO and AGATA!!!!!

  7. Tonight would have been the Kansas City show. Bummer ! Five years since my last MB show. Hopefully, things get better, we miss you guys !

  8. maybe its a good thing, i just got the notification that they were playing on thursday, super fucking psyched and was gonna pull an all nighter for work just to see the show but it was cancelled 🙁

  9. We'll be ready when you can get back around, don't worry! Stay safe!

  10. S T A L K E R S H I M

    Hoping next time you guys tour I’ll be able to go only if it’s 18+ instead of 21+ ://

  11. Keep well! I'll be happy to see ya when it's safe to do so!

  12. Stuart Galbraith

    If I didn’t already love you guys enough already…♥️♥️♥️♥️

  13. Much love. We'll need MxBx more than ever when this is over and we'll be here.

  14. Please make a Streaming Live Perform!!! Saludos desde Valparaiso, Chile, Sudamérica. I LOVE YOU MELT BANANA!!!!

  15. i love you melt banana

  16. So sad 😞

  17. Michel Rodriguez

    Hope to see u in France as soon as possible 😊😊😊

  18. 悲しいけどわろたw Can't wait to see you again when things settle down! ^^ <3

  19. So sad! But the right thing to do! I had a dream I was at a Melt-Banana show with 4 other people, that will have to do for now. Love you guys! Stay safe!

  20. explodingrabbit51

    Onuki's comments at 0:47 filled me with more hope then any Blue Angel flyover or celebrity ballad.

  21. Glad you guys are doing okay 🙂 Please come back soon. We love you!

  22. My boi agata been rocking masks WAY before Covid

  23. Rose Chroniques musicales

    Hope to see you in France when it will be possible. Take good care until then =3

  24. Thank you mXbX for so much wonderful music in any case.
    Keep the faith, stay well, and all blessings…
    Love forever.

  25. josh-z Midi-Banana

    Can't wait to see you guys back in Buffalo stay safe and much much heavy love!

  26. I’m glad you at least want to tour the U.S. again. I’ve been dying to see you guys. I didn’t become a fan until a little bit before the show with Napalm Death and the Melvins, which I sadly couldn’t travel to see.

  27. Pizza De Súcubo

    Good vibes guys, buneas vibras, les deseo lo mejor, que pronto todos podamos salir de esta y ustedes volver a lo suyo, un abrazo.
    I think if i write that in english is better but in sometimes i need to write in my own lenguage right?

  28. ArmsandArmorCorner


  29. Love you melt banana hope you guys recover from this pandemic soon 😘🍌

  30. Bummer,
    But we understand.

  31. 😷😈