Saudi Tour 2020 – Stage 2 – Highlights

The 1st edition of the Saudi Tour, which will take place between 4th and 8th February, offers a programme combining desert scenery and skyscrapers, with five stages around the capital Riyadh. The alternation between flat profiles and more undulating stages promises for battles between sprinters, interspersed with exploits by punchers or even breakaway specialists. Among the specialists of the final straight, the Saudi Tour will be hosting the return to business of Mark Cavendish in his new colours of the Bahrein-McLaren team, whilst Nacer Bouhanni will be trying on his Arkea-Samsic jersey for the first time. As regards attacks from far out, a watchful eye will have to be kept on Niki Terpstra, Enrico Gasparotto, Rui Costa or also Angel Madrazo, all of whom will be eager to try their luck.

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  1. Wow! Great scenic veiw,stay connected😘😘im done for you😍

  2. Thanks

  3. Muebleria Santa Maria Eirl

    Magnífico lugar, le faltó más montañas

  4. Very nice beautiful saudi government land of sports first Dakar car race countinu sports ectivite play ground football volleyball hockey cricket marathon

  5. Don Evilla Vlog

    This a tourist attraction soon

  6. The UCI is like the dumb chick at the bar that lets anyone buy her a drink. All Middle East races are a boring joke. Stick to F1 and camel racing.

  7. islam de merde !

  8. allah akbar !!!!!!!islamists, terrorits !!!!!

  9. Dwayne Randolph

    Love cycling no matter where the pedals are being turned, but did you see the guy who crashed @1:03 looked like he was playing the game twist!

  10. Bad roads, boring profile, boring scenery, boring spectator attedance… Boring country

  11. Such beautiful scenery……….(said no one ever)

  12. Lorenzo Giacomelli

    alè Bonifazio!

  13. Marcello Calamai

    grande italia…

  14. Che bella corsa e che bella prima vittoria per Bonifazio!!

  15. Valentino Fontana

    Oh ma che sprint ha fatto Bonifazioooooooo,Maronna

  16. I swear, Cav crashes on more stages than he doesn't these days

  17. Must be so exciting to race in front of so many fans.