Mouthwatering Mumbai Food Tour – Parsi Food, Pani Puri, Kebabs, and Attractions in Mumbai, India


Day 2: Mumbai is a city I’ve always wanted to visit for the combination of food and attractions. We woke up early in the morning and got started by visiting some attractions and eating some delicious food. The highlight of the day for me was eating Parsi food for the first time.

2:56 Chai near Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) – One of the greatest joys of visiting India is drinking hot cups of chai on the side of the street. It’s brewed hot and fresh, and it’s and creamy.

4:47 Parsi Food at Britannia and Co. Restaurant – One of the unique types of food to eat in Mumbai is Parsi food, which is a combination of Iranian and Indian food, brought over from Zoroastrians who landed on the east coast of India. Britannia and Co. is a classic restaurant in Mumbai that serves marvelous Parsi food, and it’s a restaurant I was completely looking forward to eating at when I was in Mumbai. The first dish I tried was sali boti, and outstanding dish of cubes of mutton in a beautifully flavorful spiced stew. Another Parsi food you have to try at Britannia and Co. is the berry pulav, and I ordered it with chicken. It was a wonderful spiced rice with berries and chicken in the middle. The rice was fluffy and light, and sensational. I also tried the mutton dhansak, another classic Mumbai Parsi food, which was pretty good. Finally, we ended our meal with caramel custard.
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14:09 Dhobi Ghat – Driving along to a museum, we stopped at Dhobi Ghat, the world’s largest open air laundromat. It wasn’t too busy, but it was a nice place to see in Mumbai.

17:08 Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum – Next up we visited the Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum, the house where Gandhi would stay during his visits to Mumbai. The residence is made into a peaceful museum and library.

18:27 Pani Puri at Chowpatty Beach (Girgaum Chowpatty) – One of my favorite Indian street food dishes is pani puri, the combination of a puri (hollow chip) filled with spiced potatoes and chickpeas, and filled with flavored water and chutney. After walking around Chowpatty Beach for a while, we walked over to the food stalls on the side, had pani puri from Badshah stall. It was fantastic.

25:07 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya – 500 INR ($7.47) – After the Mumbai beach and pani puri, we headed to one of the most famous Mumbai museums and walked around for a while.

26:00 Gateway of India – The final stop of the day we headed over to the Gateway of India, one of the most recognizable attractions in Mumbai.

26:39 Grilled meat at Bademiya – For the final stop of the night we went to Bademiya Restaurant, one of the famous restaurants in Mumbai for grilled meat like seekh kebabs and chicken bhuna rolls. All the food I ordered was delicious, but I especially enjoyed the chicken bhuna roll. Bademiya restaurant has a pretty big indoor seating section, but they also offer standing space on the road to eat as well.

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Thank you for watching this day of Mumbai food and attractions in Mumbai, hope you enjoyed it!


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Disclosure: This trip was made possible by Star Alliance and their Round The World tickets who covered my business class flights. I personally paid for all food and attractions.

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