Full yacht tour and test drive of this wooden wonder | Spirit P70 review | Motor Boat & Yachting

It’s one of the most incredible yachts Motor Boat & Yachting has ever tested. Jack Haines tours and drives the stunning Spirit P70.

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  1. Motor Boat & Yachting

    Thank you all so much for watching and for your positive (and negative) comments about the review. We'd really appreciate it if you would subscribe to the channel if you like what you saw, we will have plenty more content like this coming up very soon.

  2. Saw this being built and launched as i use to berthmy yacht in B row, i have to be honest, i didnt like it, i probably wrongly judged it against the superb range of Spirit yachts. But the interior is superb and i must say she looks stunning underway.

  3. At British Fuel Prices this ship will have you Bankrupt!

  4. James Sutherland

    That ia a Beauty if it is ever for sale please let me know great show.

  5. It would be nice if the cameraman stood back from things when showing them. We don’t need to see the furniture/davit/floor/chairs from 6 inches away… pull back the view on the camera better so we get the full impression NOT just detail. Stopped watching half way through and went to the yachts website instead to ACTUALLY get to see what this boat is like.

  6. I just noticed I watched the entire video with my mouth open!

  7. Roger Huffman Jr.


  8. Its a work of art …no man should be allowed to walk in her

  9. 10,000 liters of fuel, I hate to pay for that fuel.

  10. Muhammad Alkreem


  11. Rolando Historia

    Tiger campus 333(Hudson)L1/2 ONO American with guns Goerge Fong Don't thread on me Assad (Cabalza) old navy Quero by Hino Cruz ☯️ may Sacramento NASA San Juan mission from A to Z with respect by Abadilla (Churchill) Allied thread 🇬🇧

  12. textbook classic yacht layout

  13. A beautiful piece of craftsmanship, lots of maintenance on that varnish though 👌

  14. Beautiful Vessel! I'd name her Following Seas 🙂

  15. One of the most beautiful boats I've ever seen but your love for yachting, and for this yacht in particular, truly shows and makes this one of the best and most eloquent reviews I've ever seen as well. Bravo, job well done 👏

  16. This is amazingly beautiful.

  17. Wow

  18. I love the new MAN engine covers they look like they’re from a Mercedes or better yet a Maybach.

  19. polygamous1 Sozou

    £4 to £5 million sounds expensive But in Reality its Not, am talking as a poor old man, But when you consider some people spend that n More n a glorified speed machine this boat makes a Lot of sense n Any super Hyper car the expensive toy yet this be your real treasure for you n your family thanks for uploading

  20. Not what I would buy for the price but there is no questioning how serious this yacht is

  21. Beautiful boat. Quality and craftsmanship is immediately apparent! Next time I'm digging through my petty cash I'll look you up! 😎

  22. This is an absolutely beautiful design…. It has a kind of art deco look in its exterior….simply stunning….👏👏👏👏

  23. The difference is apparent in a boat when built with real wood as opposed to most Euro style made of MDF and veneer. It looks like a boat should instead of an Ikea show room. Beautiful

  24. Beautiful yacht. Being all wood I can’t imagine keeping all that varnish looking good. The sun just bakes a finish like that. But what a work of art! Her builder and owner sure came up with a beauty.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  25. Nice to see that there are still folks out there willing to splash out for classic design – Well done!

  26. Most beautiful yacht I have ever seen!

  27. This is as British as it can gets.
    This is Rolls-Royce on sea.
    Beautiful. Even word "Beautiful" is not enough for this boat.

  28. Mickey Finn Finn

    Beautiful !

  29. This was fun to see, sure is courageous!

  30. Negative comments? You're kidding, right? Beautiful boat, and an excellent review! Thank you. Well done, sir!

  31. I by-passed this video when it first came out as i thought it didn't look interesting, i was very much mistaken. What a beauty, a truly wonderful craft, exquisitely made. A credit to her builders and owners taste.

  32. So beautiful this boat

  33. What an amazing yacht. Just one silly question. Does it have a washing machine? 1,000 l

  34. ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Congratulations to designers, engineers, and builders on this beautiful boat. I want one.

  36. W1ldb1ll Donovan

    Utterly exquisite. I'd be mortified to scratch her, much less cruise her. But lovely. And a sunken bath, no less! Travis McGee would be proud.