Uncover the Deep History of Charleston, SC | Virtual Walking Tour | Walk with Travel + Leisure

Explore historic buildings and hidden passageways in this exclusive walking tour of the streets and alleys of Charleston, South Carolina. This city is home to the most buildings in the National Historic Register, and it holds the title as the largest historic district in the country! Come along as tour guide Jim Gresham uncovers 350 years of beauty and rare history stored deep within this city’s roots.

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0:00 Introduction
0:35 Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon
1:00 Philadelphia Alley
1:50 McCrady’s Tavern
2:26 Chalmers Street
2:53 The Pink House
3:40 Elliott Street
4:21 Bedons Alley
4:55 Stolls Alley
5:30 Carriage stones
5:53 Longitude Lane
7:25 Conclusion

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  1. Interesting observation from this video: Charleston, was the largest US slave port historically. However I didn't see one Black person (passersby) present in the video or any Black history discussed in the presentation. Interesting indeed. So it's city that basically accommodates white normative culture and interests?

  2. My grandparents lived at #7 Lamboll Street for many years from the 1930s to the 1960s.

  3. Thanks Jim, for a wonderfull tour. Greetings from the Netherlands.

  4. Thomas Arillotta

    4/14/22 Viewing; loved it!

  5. Hi Jim ! I was born and raised in Charleston , South Carolina ! This is a great video ! Thank you for sharing this video with me and the history about my home state of Charleston , South Carolina ! Keep up with the good work !

  6. I’m just wondering who he was looking at! Not the camera!

  7. I like that tour guide!!!!!

  8. DonJuan Scroggins

    Raised in Charleston, love my city! ❤️

  9. great talk, we visited Charleston and stayed in the city and that made a big difference to see without a car

  10. Hey Neighbor !!! Good job on this video!

  11. Where have I heard this guys voice before? Its driving me nuts

  12. Hi frorm germany!! I am in Charleston next year in March, is it possible to "rent" you for a private tour, to see the real Charleston?

  13. Thanks for sharing 💗

  14. Richard Pelliccio

    What a fantastic video of this truly extraordinary city!!

  15. City is full of racist. They live by the Loser confederation Terrorist group. Took in more enslaved Africans than any city. Fired the first shot in the civil war to keep enslaved Africans. Will do anything to preserve their racist past. Too hell with that city!!

  16. less you, more of Charleston

  17. Michelle Moncure

    For Daily pics and videos head over to @thecharlestonlens on Instagram!

  18. angela spielbusch

    Very well done! Thank you so much 😊

  19. Jim, my Citadel '85 classmate and brother! You are a gentleman and wonderful story teller. What an entertaining education you share! My lovely wife and I are coming to town next Saturday March 6th thru Thursday the 11th. We would be grateful and honored if we can join one of your walking tours… my mother actually grew up on Queen Street behind the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist downtown (also where Linda and I were married)! I actually grew up in Mt. Pleasant. We've never done one of these tours. How should I best connect with you? Looking forward to connecting. Billy & Linda Gay '85

  20. The person who designed the chronometer that solved the longitude problem was William Harrison, not Hamilton.

  21. Charleston is a neat city. PLENTY of stuff to see

  22. Born and raised in Charleston and I never new all this stuff. Love my 🌃

  23. Love books! This is an incredible way of showing them!

  24. It was John Harrison who invented the Maritime chronometer, not William Hamilton

  25. I been there in Charleston SC. It's incredible place to visit and to stay. I live there for 3 years before moving back

  26. Love Charleston and this video. Great Historical facts. Really well done Mr Gresham.

  27. JasonTheWorldisYours

    So much history in this Charleston

  28. A-Train Travels

    I love this city. Visited here back in 2014.

  29. Adam and Madalyn

    We visited Charleston last year! It was a quick day trip and would love to visit again and explore a little more!!

  30. Charleston is definitely on my short list – this makes me want to get there sooner rather than later!

  31. Charleston looks so cool. Feels very European even!