A TOUR OF PATMOS | One of the Best Greek Islands

Exploring the beautiful island of Patmos in the Dodecanese islands of Greece.
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Thanks a lot for watching and safe journeys!

A TOUR OF PATMOS | One of the Best Greek Islands

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  1. With dozens of Christian organizations – at least one should start a youtube channel and visit every location of the writings of the books of the Bible… Old and New testament… of course those locations look different now, some modern cities, some ruins in wastelands. But this would a great opportunity to connect the history of Christian beliefs to the modern world as we see it today.

  2. Lovely ! I look forward to visiting Patmos, it's such a beautiful island, so very odd a place to write books about the end of the world !

  3. What an incredible magical video!!!! So immersive!!! I enjoyed it so much!!!! Thank you for filming and sharing!!! I love your style!!! 😀

  4. Very nice. Hope to visit some day, God willing. Thank you!

  5. I visited the Monastery and they took us down underneath, lots of Elgreco paintings as I remember, fantastic place

  6. Sorry Gabriel, but John the Apostle IS John the Theologian. It's the same person. Did you not ask the monks??!!!

  7. Рушан Шигапов

    Good Greece👍

  8. 17:15 – 1740 The Getto! 🤦🏻‍♂️ Patmos’ Public Housing 😂

  9. Epistle apostle john ❤

  10. Paulus Peranginangin

    Nice journey, thank you for sharing

  11. amazing Greek islands!

  12. Hanakarim Taramashi

    Wooow i am waiting for santooriiii

  13. Pavlos Kaisseris

    Nice video Gabe as always 🇬🇷😃

  14. Earth Last Day channel

    A good thing to do would be to go e away the explanation of revelation to people there

    The book uriah smith daniel and revelation. And
    The great controversy ellen g white

    Both exams extremely well the book of revelation.

  15. Earth Last Day channel

    Gabriel is the best

  16. Earth Last Day channel

    John wrote reaction there under divine inspiration.

    Most amazing end time bible prophecy

  17. Starting in Athens and ending in Santorini doing 24 days. 5 I Athens and a week in Santorini. Want to see Patmos but not sure how to fit it in. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  18. Love the tight corridors and cobble pathways.. Looks amazing. Greece is so beautiful.

  19. God made sure u forgot the hat. That sun is glorious.

  20. My country is the paradise of the earth and the home of the gods, thank you dear

  21. After reading my Bible a book of ACTS I eventually search the Athens history and search for Greece so here iam watching this vlog and super na excite when Apostle John stayed at Patmos and writing the book of revelation. It's a beautiful place, beaches. God bless

  22. Bahaha I have a prayer rope from that little shop…

  23. goonigoogoo Jackson

    Wow you made me so dizzy with your camera work

  24. Greece ia s beautiful Country

  25. I am Muslim Muhammad Kashif Sir so nice your Geerece Country video so thank I Wish to always Happy

  26. David van Niekerk

    Dankie Gabriel Traveler. It is amazing. So this was the place were the Apostle John was. So the last book of the Bible was written in Europe. If I understand correct then Revelations (Openbaring) replaced the older book of Henoch. Thanx again.

  27. Was the isle Patmis was full of caves ?? In history is was they kept slave to work on rocks there was 1000s of slave .

  28. I would love to go but it looks like a maze, without a map it would be like a mouse running around that neighborhood.

  29. Great tour

  30. I was researching this island and google sent me to you, again. hahaha that is so crazy. You are the reason I went to Thailand in 2015, Crete in 2019 and Armenia in 2020. I cant believe you said this is your favorite????? Now, I really want to go. You have seen so many and this is your favorite. I would love to read Revelation from here.

  31. A blessed good day sir Gabriel Wowwww nice views and stunning mountains and beach in Patmos greeeks island Perfect holiday vacation for Couples and families thank u so much sir Garbiek for your nice walk in tour keep safe Godbless u from your solid fan viewer from.the philippines sir vhin 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍

  32. Such a beautiful place! Thank you for this video tour!🌻🕊️🙏🏼🙋🏻‍♀️

  33. Thank you for your video. I much enjoyed it.

  34. You visited St-John's Grotta? Please, tell me, WHAT was he facing when he was in that cave? What body of water was laid out before him?

    Also… Was he facing North, East, South, West??

  35. There are no people living on Patmos?? Were all those houses empty when you walked through what seemed to be a really tight labyrinth?

    Man… I hope you didn't get a sunstroke… Subscribed.

  36. νιγητ μοον

    Thank you for mentioning a Biblical information about St. John the Apostle

  37. Beautiful but the poor donkeys suffer

  38. Hi Gabriel,
    Just started watching your vlogs, soooo good. I’m there with you…lol.

  39. Raymond Perrelli

    it looks peaceful and unspoilt.
    I will visit some island in Greece soon.

  40. Thanks for that nice video brother.

  41. Your videos are really nice – I could feel the heat while you were walking towards the beach and then the redeeming qualities and the coolness of the water!

  42. I love your videos are old school and modern at the same time, i dont know how to explain that! You are very informative, Patmos is one of my favorite island too but i haven't visited yet. Greetings from Greece!

  43. Ibnu Sigh Abdulah

    Barren island☺

  44. Φοβερό νησί για διακοπές….

  45. gardensofthegods

    Every now and then the sound of the wind or whatever that is on his microphone sounds like Monsters growling , haha .

  46. I was really lucky when visiting the cave of revelation. There was nobody there but a monk and the energy felt amazing. Just to be still for 30 mins. x

  47. That's the beauty of renting a car, you explore until your heart's content! You travel like me n it's a whole lotta fun. You need polarized sunnys! enjoy my friend✌