When A Pro Cyclist Does This, You Know its Steep | Saudi Tour 2022 Stage 4

Lanterne Rouge presents highlights of Stage 4 of Saudi Tour 2022, a mostly flat stage but with a nasty climb of 2.9 km at 12% that crested 8.5 km from the finish suited to the likes of Santiago Buitrago, Maxim Van Gils and Anthon Charmig.

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Thumbnail | Pauline Ballet & ASO
Race Footage | licensed from Amaury Sport Organisation
Photos | licensed from Cor Vos (unless stated otherwise)
Profiles | La Flamme Rouge

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  1. Drama with Evenepoel in Valenciana, podcast breakdown here – https://youtu.be/JeCeOCWEqvo

  2. i think it is a crime to bike race at ugly track

  3. dej že ta pofukan klanc kmet

  4. That’s quite the hill!

  5. What did the pro cyclist do?

  6. Cool thing to see Maxim win when he used to be on the same team as me when he was at WAC team (kind of youth team of alpecin fenix now). We were good friends

  7. 3:53 you can just see the gratification on his face as he knows he's going to make it.

  8. Bagioliiii!!!!

  9. "Hime Hime Hime…."

  10. Henrik Bergström

    Brilliant commentary

  11. Great racing and commentary but OMG that complete lack of scenery is just so dismal. 🙁

  12. iwan sukma irawan

    Parah pisan njir ieu nanjakna mirip2 tanjakan gantole cililin lah 😋

  13. 😷

  14. Ven Zjills? His name is Van Gils. De klurk? Hou op schei uit.

  15. Saudi -> Dark age

  16. Looked like a total of 50 spectators, all at the finish line.

  17. Amazing Race there yesterday and Van Gils was impressive !
    He seems very talented and eager and capable of winning quite a variety of races in the future – very interested to see what he can do this year already !

  18. Stephany Zamboni

    Look my Strava !

  19. Weird seeing these Racers riding such a high pedaling Cadence up the hill.

  20. Sick profile, the crazy stuff should be in way more races

  21. Hernan Hernandez

    Declercq sprinting? Something is wrong with the space-time continuum. Great to see forever-front-man in the top 5…

  22. Why am I just now discovering the Maraya Concert hall? Ty.

    I had to pause 30 seconds in to Google the hell out if it. What a magnificent building… okay on to the racing

  23. Love the video footage!

  24. When i just read the word 'Saudi', i am never able to dismiss the fact that people get their freakin head chopped off publicly there, just for drugs. I am always disgusted by Saudi Arabia. They also financed the 9/11 attacks on the USA.! ….among so many other atrocities they commit on a daily basis. Remember Khashoggi for instance?
    And people talked about boycotting the Winter Olympics in China😂😂😂😂