The Pokémon GO Johto Tour is about to be INCREDIBLE! Today we’ve got some leaks and new information about the Pokémon GO Johto Tour AND we get out and play the new Power Plant update event! What are your thoughts on the Johto Tour in Pokémon GO?

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  1. i have shiny Celibi 100%

  2. I got a shiny smergal

  3. Which task for garydos? I must know!!

  4. I care about many pokemon there but I am gonna spend all my money to gat that shiny Lugia

  5. Donte Buchanan-Barrett

    Can wait to get the shiny garydos or how ever you spell it

  6. I will be choosing Silver version! I want Shiny Lugia!

  7. Is that the jogo pokemon Tour??

  8. I really have no clue how I wanna do this event. I wanna do gold and silver. I wanna do like 50 raids. I want celebi. I want larvitar skarmory and ho oh and Lugia :))

  9. So will there be boosted shiny rates for non ticket holders

  10. Him: "As you can see we caught it".. Pokemon runs.

    Me yelling out loud: "JUICED!!!!!!!"
    My heart just broke for you Dawg

  11. Robolexander Jenkins

    I already have shiny raikou

  12. Name trick wont work for eevee??

  13. RJ_Games #roadto1.5k

    I caught shiny porygon and shiny poliwag today 😀

  14. I want a ever stone in the game so I can put it on shiny chansey

  15. Do you get the legendary trio from the research?

  16. Me and downtown Atl are gonna be good friends on the 26. this will be my first tour

  17. I have noticed Helioptile like to run.
    I have had at least half bolt even after an ultra ball is thrown

  18. Thank you for the leaks

  19. Bruh I hope they spawn snorlax with a shiny rate increase I really need it 😓

  20. If I didn’t get a shiny Celebi will it give me one ?

  21. When he threw the phone 💀💀

  22. The first shinx raid I done I got a shiny shinx lol

  23. I had gotten a Hundo shadow Larvitar a few days ago so I screamed

  24. i dont know when you recorded this vid but the xp challenge was rewarding xp despite not catching mons. had it happen to me a bunch

  25. You get 25 XP if you *fail to capture the wild Pokémon.

  26. Can the celebi be shiny

  27. CrimsonDarkWolf 68

    Any word of Entei and the other 2 Legendarys coming back next month?

  28. David Beauchemin

    You get 25 xp when a pokemon runs away, hence the xp showing up.

  29. I can’t tm frustration off my Pokémon.

  30. yeah….helioptile… it hates berries and runs. Clearly they don't want us evolving in one day lol

  31. does only the ticket include shiny gyarados

  32. Jonathan Guiller

    Helioptile is hard to catch

  33. I love shiny trubbish 😂

  34. ngl I'm super mad my 96% iv Gyarados that i got is not going to be rare 🙁 (non event day) it is shiny as well.

  35. when do we choose gold or silver??

  36. and suddenly i’m taking a certain day off work. this sounds AMAZING.

  37. can only TM frustration away from 24th of january…

  38. I got a electrode genesect and shiny shadow gligar in one day I got veeeeeeerrryyyy lucky

  39. mitaka Bg Power mitaka Bg Power

    Where is the Canto tour

  40. The passessssssssssssssss

  41. Can’t wait for the Johto, silver was the first ever gba color game I played when I was a kid, picking Cyndaquil as my starter as a throwback, also first jolteon I clicked on was a 100%!