Anthony Bourdain A Cooks Tour Season 1 Episode 1: A Taste of Tokyo

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The #1 food writer and television presenter in the world, and star of Travel Channel and CNN, Anthony Bourdain reinvented the food travel genre. In his groundbreaking first television series, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters. You never know what he’ll say, who he will meet, or what they will have for dinner.

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  1. Tony left the World a video archive of his travels and experiences. We must absolutely enjoy these travels with Anthony and live through his experiences. We love you Tony!

  2. 11:53 This is not aged well.

  3. “Shouldn’t you be doing something?” Should be the title to my autobiography.

  4. Roadrunner brought me here. I'm not surprised he felt so awkward, lost and confused here. He had never traveled like this before, never done a television show, and they just threw him in a country with some of the strictest rules and customs on the planet. Any normal person would feel uncomfortable in such an environment.

  5. This is what I call tasty adventure 👍🏾

  6. I've never met him and yet I miss him greatly.

    I learned so much about food, traveling and how to appreciate life from his example.

  7. Firpo, El Toro Salvaje de las Pampas

    The finest episode of any Bourdain show in my opinion.

  8. I feel honored because you had visited a restaurant that l used to go often.

  9. Love his show, but being a recovered addict, myself, I am surprised he didn't seek more help for his mental condition as he surely had the resources to do so.

  10. You may bring million food bloggers, no one comes anyway nearer to Anthony,

  11. In my view, he is the greatest storyteller ever, with simple food, simple locations and simple people,
    everyone can relate to his stories.

  12. Man I miss Tony, his enigma will live on.

  13. Bourdain is great but really he is just a normal international citizen bringing the world to the narrow experiences of Americans. Brits, aussies, French, Italians, even American expats, who all travel extensively, long ago discovered the things that Bourdain presented to Americans. The rest of us all been there and done that, he just did all the stuff we all been doing for decades … and filmed it. Shrimp or prawn? Dude.

  14. what year is this? everything looks natural… food, ambience, people, fashion. I mean every single thing

  15. I’am not so overtly impressed with Japanese cuisines even thou it’s very fresh…

  16. Steak frites y’all

  17. Haven't heard from him in a while…Wonder, what he is up to these days

  18. Love seeing these early episodes…

  19. 13:05 I'm ready to die now…

  20. 21:00 I'm ready to die now…

  21. Awesome chef, unpretentious, cool and loved his food.

  22. Felipe Monte Christo

    the tokyo chapter of his book is amazing.

  23. Shouldn't you be doing something?

  24. Sizzler's steak and all you can eat shrimp… Well, I thought it was awesome.

  25. Sushi 🍣 looks incredible…

  26. So many times he talked about dying, or having 'the last meal', that it shouldn't have been a surprise, what end up happening but it was..

  27. one word legend….this man paved the way for vloggers of all kinds….this series was him with a friend and a camera….a first vlog… was a pure genius and poet…..his voice over is 2nd to none

  28. miss u Anthony Bourdain esp ur voice over

  29. That sumo dude was quick with the cigarette..

  30. As a lover of good food and a cook myself, he was my hero, still alive in our hearts.

  31. I like that the Tony we see here is shy, world-weary and a bit unsure of himself. Then by the time of Parts Unknown, he's got this gritty but gentle aura about him, grizzled and alot wiser.

  32. Real life people smoking.

  33. es una pena haber perdido a Anthony … excelentes sus vlogs

  34. Tony. I miss you!

  35. So sad 2 no or 2 not no what was going on in his mind so sad had it all but really was lost true Legand ❤️ Migwech 🔥

  36. Tony looks like he's got a groove on wonder if he was using Junk back then looks Smashed n I don't mean drunk loveing Legand 4ever missed R.I.P. A.B. 🙏💯👌❤️

  37. If you loved Bourdain and miss him, chances are we’d get along great

  38. I wish I could have met him, the world needs more people like that, such a shame he didn't realise that

  39. I can totally relate because I'm watching this while eating a New York style Crunchyroll from the supermarket.

  40. how do I stop the bloody ads?