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The snow-capped mountains, beautiful lakes and impeccable natural beauty. Sigh! If there is one European place every Bollywood buff in India wishes to visit, Switzerland would be it! With many Indian films being shot in this European paradise, I just had to visit this place to satiate the filmy girl in me. Read more about my experience:

While I had been longing to visit this places for years, it only worked out a week before my actual departure. My unapproved leaves got approved, I got a cheap airfare alert and I also had a valid Schengen visa. It was literally the case of – The Mountains Are Calling.

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But hold on! I was yet to figure an itinerary and bookings to enjoy all the excursions & experiences Switzerland has to offer. Last minute bookings can be quite a task. Imagine going through multiple online websites or agents to co-ordinate, research & book. But here’s what helped!

From deciding on what places to visit to experiences to opt for and even my airport transfers, I could book all of this on one app – Klook even before reaching my destination. No middleman or agent, all paperless & hassle-free with a QR codes easily accessible on my phone! Here are some of the must do experiences.
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Curly Tales, Chief Travelling Officer Kamiya Jani visits Switzerland! Watch her 5-day itinerary and click here to check amazing offers on Europe –
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  1. Superb, kamiya ji.

  2. What a professional vlogging you did

    1. No boring hotel scenes, when i eat, when i bath….. simply to the point you kept it.

    2. The BGM to kill awkwardness was nice

    3. My ears were glad to hear the simple ,genuine and perfectly timed commentary about the places.

    4. Addition of some drone shots simply made it more awesome.

    …… and Yaa the charming smile you constantly maintained throughout the vlog was like that cheery on cake!

    Keep growing, god bless you 👍🌟

  3. Visit to Jungfrau, Mt. Titis, etc. also is included in the Swiss Travel pass ?

  4. Very amazing tour all the place so look very beautiful 💞💞💞💞
    Thank you for inspiration vidio
    Godbless you

  5. Karthikeyan Palanivelan

    which month you travelled to Switzerland ??


    राम के जन्म दिन में कया करना चाहिए jai mata
    Shitala ashtmi Kaise Banani chahie Shani Dev ka paudha kaun sa hota hai Kuber ka paudha kaun sa hota hai aur dharwardi ke liye kaun sa paudha use karna chahie
    राम ram ram ram ram राम राम राम ram ram ram ram ram ram

  7. Mohd Hallmi Ismail

    Local people not friendly!! Swiss please don't come to Asia you dammit bad people!!

  8. Hello Kamiya.. really loved your video..I am planning to go to Switzerland this summer from Paris…I wanted to 1 thing please..did you stay only Zurich or you did different hotel reservations at different places? Like when you were in Lucerne you have started from Zurich or have to do different hotel reservation at Lucerne also? Kindly reply my question..it would be really nice from your part…and all the best for your upcoming journeys and show us more and more of the world ❤️❤️❤️…

  9. Still can't be compared with Kashmir apart from development aspect!!!!

  10. Dear Kamiya, thank you for the amazing insight about Swizz.
    Could you please tell me whether Swizz pass also covers for trip to Mt Titli and and Pilatus.
    Coz in one of the places in your video you had mentioned about separate price for Mt Titli.
    Thanks in advance

  11. Bisdak in Switzerland Merly Estrera

    Hi, good evening! You have a very nice videos. I am your new subscriber here from Luzern

  12. Only 5 day not enough

  13. Mrutyunjaya mudgall

    Any references for booking a package tour to switzerland covering Zurich – interlaken Lucern – 5day tour

  14. In which month you visited this country .?

  15. Amazing. I will very soon visit. 🏛🏛🏝🏝🏖🌋🏔⛱

  16. hi kamya i am planning a trip to switzerland were there options of indian food in switzerland during your trip

  17. Madam,
    Attention please
    Aap ke videos hindi bhashi log bhi dekhte hain.

  18. poonamramchandani1

    Hiii….how r you???first of all thank you for such a nice video actually I with my family are planning to go to Switzerland like u just for 5 days …so plz can u help me with all the process of booking the cab and the hotel and the places u visited in ur video 📹 actually I live in aruba ….so it would be really appreciated if you could help me out

  19. Awesome Kamiya..loved the vlog

  20. Hello … I need a genuine help (Just a guidance please ) regarding my daughter's birth certificate who was born in Switzerland year 2015. I am Indian. I have been in Schaffhausen for less than a year with my husband on dependent visa. And now after returning to India my husband have my daughter's original birth certificate and he shared only duplicate copy with me.(reason is we got separated when baby was 3 months old) I need it for her school admission and adhar card application now. Please guide me from where can I get original birth certificate

  21. Can I say, this is the best job in the world.

  22. hi there I like your all video congrats

  23. We would expect to explore Behrain next time

  24. In which month had you visited? It is not clear from the video or the description. Plz share.

  25. You have made the best investment in life .
    To travel ❤️

  26. Kashmir is much better than Switzerland

  27. Muhammad IMRAN Alam

    Kon sa travel agency se travel karte hain

  28. India is so useless swissterland is much better than india I am in love with swissterland ❤

  29. Wow..

  30. Hindi me bnaiye video please

  31. sonal maheshwari

    Pls stop advertising klook..how annoying

  32. यार तुम्हारे पास इतना पैसा आता काहा से हैं…

  33. Seems pretty basic. Best to book everything on our own!

  34. Mam akele ghum kar bore nhin hoejate

  35. Punjabi Chopsticks

    We still can go there 😍 if we get 2 jabs

  36. Hii mam.. Iam rohit bhatt in uttrakhand rishikesh my swamiji also switzerland plz contact me…

  37. Praveshika Karki

    I m heading there on coming January ♥️

  38. Param Vir chaudhary

    Nice vlog but very irritating music.

  39. So nice to know that you videographed it yourself 🎉👍👍

  40. Nice Vlog Aunty ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  41. Please use a collar mic..video is nice though

  42. I have been to Mount Pilatus .