Hampton Court Palace Tour | A Virtual Walk through King Henry VIII's Palace

In this video, Margaret, a tour guide and manager of Free Tours by Foot, takes you on a virtual Hampton Court Palace tour. NEXT: TOWER OF LONDON:

We begin by exploring the one-of-a-kind Tudor kitchens, followed by the beautiful Tudor courtyard and incredible Great Hall. Then, we will explore what remains of Henry VIII’s apartments before traveling through time to the 17th century, to see the rooms built during the reign of Queen Mary II and King William III.

Next, we will follow the story of the Georgians, getting an inside glimpse of the Hanovarian court – and the family dynamics that played out at the Palace. Lastly, we will stroll through the stunning and iconic Hampton Court gardens, before finishing our tour with a last glance at one of the 16th centuries’ most interesting creations.

00:53 – Entering the Palace
04:49 – Tutor Kitchens
15:59 – Base Court
18:16 – The Great Hall
34:27 – Henry VII Apartments
38:52 – Skelator and the Ghosts of Hampton Court Palace
44:58 – Georgian New Palace
1:07:10 – Palace Gardens
1:21:16 – Astronomical Clock in Clock Court

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Guide: Margaret Stockton

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