HOUSEPLANT AUTUMN BEDROOM TOUR | Most of the houseplant collection!

Most of my houseplants are located in my bedroom! I really enjoy seeing other people’s entire houseplant collection so here’s mine! What was your favourite plant you saw in my houseplant tour?! Leave a comment!

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  1. Sooo bright 😎

  2. Very cool bed room, very beautiful and wonderful really wonderful 🌹🇱🇰🌹

  3. Looking forward to seeing some more of your videos!! I think that you deserve way more views! Have you seen SMZeus . c o m??? You could use it to help increase your subscribers.

  4. 풀리파리 Green leaves

    멋지네요 Wonderful ~~

  5. Jacqueline Castro

    New to your channel love your babys

  6. Great collection 🙂

  7. your philodendrons are so cute! Love your melanochrysum and gloriosum — they look happy!

  8. You’re so fun to watch. More plant vids please 😍

  9. That adonsanii is so lush! Glad to meet another plant lover😍

  10. mad props for sharing as many botanical names as possible!

  11. Plant Mama Tatiana

    I am so jealous of your collection!!

  12. Finally you made this video! Thank you for making this, inspiring video! 💚

  13. Where did you get your tineke from

  14. Wow your plant collection is amazing and your plants looks great. I love the small bits and bobs trinkets especially Bulbasaur 😍

  15. The watermelon peperomia was my fave plant, the variegation on yours is strong!