Photo finish for men's 200m in Boston | Continental Tour Gold

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  1. God bless you Wayde – I hope that your'e OK.

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  3. Okay, from reading the first few comments, I now know that him not winning or having the best time does not affect his Olympic entries.😫 Which now tells me that he pulled out purposefully, he could have held on and went on but he didn't want to make the injury worse because he wants to go to the Olympics on full strength and with no danger of getting injured.🙏🏾🙌🏾

  4. 一起调整心态,back to family, 珍惜家人

  5. Wade wade wade 😩

    Don't worry he will come back 😎

  6. It’s so weird seeing a 200 with no bend😂😂

  7. Сухарик с чаем

    Он бы победил если бы не это сука он ща в своей лучшей. Форме и тут травма пиздец 😖

  8. Its part of the sport

  9. DIVYANSHU Upadhyay

    It's only start wait for end 🔥# OLYMPIC GAMES.

  10. van niekerk do not give up, keep trying up.

  11. Wayde 😭

    I have watched that 400mso many times ❤️❤️

  12. I hope and pray that hes able to make it to the Olympic Games.

  13. Way to go Jerome!!!!! Jamaicans in Kelowna are cheering you on!!!!!!!! Blessings

  14. Still just 20 sec

  15. Hope Wayde runs atleast a good race before the Olympics…

  16. Please God pull this man through!!

  17. I think it’s a bad idea to have these runners on a straight track, too risky…they don’t train that way, so to go all out with a varied running form is just asking for trouble…

  18. I'm assuming it's easier to run 200 in a straight line rather than with the curve?

  19. A minor set back leads to a greater come back. South Africa and the world is behind you. Go Wayde! Go Wayde!

  20. Man you hate to see it

  21. So, they didn't even show the photo finish?

  22. Bruh and still ran a 20 wtf lol

  23. Boston is too cold. plus that surface sucks. why risk injury?

  24. Mierde

  25. Let's go Jerome!

  26. Recuerden que no van lejos los del frente si los de atrás corren bien 😝

  27. OH NOOOOO!!!

  28. Niekerk is smart, good move, no need to aggravate anything if not necessary

  29. I wonder how much quicker straight 200's are compared to the bend 200's?

  30. why use frontal cameras, whyyyyyyy??

  31. Khumo Kwezi Mashapa

    I wish we had an ariel view like they had a few years back. From what I could see it looked like Wayde was slightly ahead (maybe half a meter or slightly less) just before he pulled up. I reckon he would've run 19.85-19.76

  32. Get well soon champ 😥😥

  33. can someone tell me if that 200m can be official as it is only a straight line?

  34. Lord come through for your champion🇿🇦

  35. I hope your injury is a bad as it seemed.You take the necessary precautions and strengths I hope to see you soon in action Wayde.

  36. Smh I hate see these things

  37. Van kneehurt

  38. Testing something

    Oh, thought they were going to post this in 2023…

  39. great to see that he backed off, that'd be a disaster if he kept on running.
    my friend returned from a six month injury and got injured again in his first race after his return.

  40. Dang hope he recovers
    The field for the 400m this year is strong I want him to be there to defend his title

  41. Wayde please come back to 400M. you got too many chokers to beat.

  42. He said on his ig story that it is not very serious. Hopefully he should be clear to race by mid june again before tokyo

  43. It really pains me to see Wayde like this. I pray he'll be ready for the Olympics. And great performance and sportsmanship Zharnel! Anguillians are very proud of you

  44. He was pointing to the left groin area, so it can be a slight groin pull (which is ok). It better not be a high hamstring problem. That would knock him out for sure. He has not yet posted a good-enough time in either the 200m – where his 20.10 season’s best was a wind-assisted effort – or 400m, which he has yet to run in 2021. If this is significant, he will not make it to Tokyo 🙁

  45. hurdleaddict - how to sprint FAST

    It’s kind of cool to see them running 200m straight , it would be cool if they do that more often

  46. Would have been awfully nice to hear how serious that injury is.