After 3 years of construction, Allegiant Stadium – the soon-to-be new home of the Las Vegas Raiders – is ‘on time’ and set to open for the upcoming 2020 football season. This will be the first NFL Football team to call Las Vegas home in the history of the league.

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  1. This new stadium is great awesome I lived in Las Vegas for 26 years now I'm back down south on Galveston Island Texas with my wife Rachel Nick and Rachel ✝️🇺🇸☮️

  2. LasVegas Nevada

    CHINA be like: Oh! Las Vegas build the gigantic black toilet bowl in the middle of the dessert? ….. This is what the west is missing out in CHINA

  3. Louco o gramado sai pra fora da Arena, top demais.

  4. tay k

  5. Pedrinho88 Vitor


  6. Why a retractable field??? Seems completely ignorant. Now you've set yourselves up for malfunctioning motors. Why not just build 2 fields? It's the same space. 🙄🙄🙄


  8. I'm Going Supersonic

    Where was the freakin tour?

  9. Gurvinder Parmar

    Why is the field retractable??

  10. Raedy 4 21.

  11. At 01:24, SoFi stadium has over 2,400 WiFi access points and over 2,400 flat screens.

  12. I’m. Bears fan and I’m stoked to see this thing fully finished

  13. The Sports Report with EB

    Chargers stadium is mixed 75% visitors and 25% home

  14. I never seen a stadium with a retractable grass field. I don't think the cowboys stadium even have that.

  15. You stupid people bought this stadium and never going to ever see a game played in it ever professional sports is done over god is putting a end to all the things you people worship sports movie stars the economy

  16. Come for the game and stay for the entertainment

  17. Fonzerellie 351

    Raider Nation for life …

  18. open air? will be too hot for comfort

  19. Keegan L Shoemate

    Hey hey everybody

  20. Wow awesome stadium looks like Darth Vader home!