‘Vikings’ Set Tour: Russia's Great Hall | VIKINGS

Alex Høgh Andersen gives Carlos Bustamante an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the new Russian-inspired set of History’s “Vikings”, returning Wednesday, December 4, at 9 p.m. ET.

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  1. Paige Harries.1994

    Alex its so beautful 😍😍😍

  2. I was the 666th like lol

  3. Finally ivar walking

  4. "wow I want to see more of the Russia thing set" – Said Nobody

  5. Кот Баюн

    This design is rather Chinese than Russian

  6. Mad Hatter loves Whiskey

    So Ivar can walk again? I m happy that he got a good treatment

  7. I need Alex to do more interviews cause I'm running out of content to watch of him 😭

  8. Ana rafaeldóttir

    and then they went to Alex´s trailer to discuss if he looks better with russian or without clothes. i shipp

  9. This is by far the most lavish set Vikings has had, and accurately portrays the great wealth of Kievan Rus'.

  10. Magdelene Peterson

    I just started watching the Vikings and it is truly an amazing show the cast and the story outline is outstanding

  11. hohlyadskie mrazi attack comments)

  12. Yeah!! Kiev… in Russia 😂😂😂

  13. in Rus, not Russia. Russia didn't exist yet.

  14. Вероника В

    Один из самых любимых фильмов, раз 20 его смотрела уже…. Ребята, вы все молодцы!

  15. kelsey sorrentino

    never thought the guy from ytv would be meeting one of my fav actor

  16. Kyiv is not in Russia and never was. Rus isn't Russia.

  17. this host is kinda hot 😘❤️🥰

  18. Слава Старунський

    A very obscene mistake. Kyiv is not Russia. Kyiv is Ukraine !!! Shame on you.

  19. Vikings overtaking Game of thrones.

  20. Alex hogh deserves way more credit then he gets for his portrayal of one of the most ruthless Viking ever.

  21. Probably this is Novgorod (Oleg rules there).

  22. Alexandr ERPArchitect

    Are you serious Alex , Kiev in Russia ? It's a shame on you man , Kiev in Ukraine or Kiev in Kievan Rus

  23. ๑๑ ALEX & MAKS & VAL ๑๑

    Alex had him "man-bun" at the time, so I'm wondering if this interview with him took place with him in 2018.
    Thank you very much for uploading this "special Vikings' episode with ET Canada, right here for us to watch.
    #Vikings #AlexHoghAnderson #IvarTheBoneless

  24. Kiev or Novgorod?

  25. Kieron Worstenholme

    this show just get better and better i love it way better than game of thrones

  26. hahhahahah tons of bullshit 🙂 how hilarious 🙂 it is ! If its Kevian Russia pre mongol invasion there should be non of this eastern Mongolian symbolism it should be more SLAVIC !
    If its After Mongolian Invasion Kiev Russia there should be non white guy in power on that throne only Mongols but there is much lesser in time and mongols never invade Scandinavia xD ! Honestly its Western Slavians whom invade Scandinavia and plunder it to ashes read Old Nordic Ed'a relations of Snorri Sturluson.

  27. Ivar how do you walk? I thought you dont able to walking without youre stuff

  28. blacksnakemagic


    ~ Chicken Little 🐥               🤣😜