FAMILY VAN TOUR: amazing bed lift that sleeps 4 with a full bathroom | SPRINTER VAN CONVERSION

Get the details on this van here:
Welcome to our latest family van tour! Wow, we are both SO excited to share this Sprinter Van Conversion for a family of four!

This is a 2019 170” Extended 3500 Mercedes Sprinter Van with our family van layout with an amazing bed lift that sleeps 4.

This convertible bunk bed utilizes a HappiJac bed lift. This gives this family the best of both worlds – they have a place to sit and eat together as a family AND two beds – the lower bed is an almost king size bed and the top bed is almost queen size.

Other Features Include:
– 400 watts of Renogy solar with Rover Solar Controller:
– Three 100ah Battle Born Batteries:
– 3000 watt Victron Inverter Charger:
– Aluminess Roof Rack & Ladder
– 130 liter Isotherm Fridge
– Shower Pan:
– Espar D2 Diesel Heater:
– 2.5 gallon Electric Hot Water Heater:
– Nautilus Retractable Shower Door:
– 12 volt dimmable switch:




100ah Battle Born Batteries:
3000 watt Victron Inverter Charger:
Farmhouse Sink:
Separett Urine Diverting Toilet:
30 gallons of Fresh Water storage:
2.5 gallon Electric Water Heater:
Electric Kettle:
Hand Vacuum:
Tech Towels:
Sun Shade:



We are Sara & Alex (aka “40 Hours of Freedom”), and definitely don’t forget about our dogs – Bambi & Nugget – or else they might be a little upset. We converted our own Sprinter van and have hit the road for full time adventure and fun. Subscribe for new van life and travel videos every week.

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  1. Sara & Alex James – Custom Crafted Vans

    Get the details on this van here:
    Buy the 12 volt ac unit here:

  2. bill gates got one,it's still on layaway

  3. Romeo Pecaoco Jr.

    Very Nice! I like the family design concept. You can also put the extra seat on the front that converts to bed like i saw in some European RV's. The only thing is lacking is an off road capable wheels and suspension that is needed in my country were the roads are half of the times are rough. Good Job! Awesome!👍👌

  4. Sunflower Seeds

    Are the LED lights under the bed battery powered or do you have them hard wired? If hard wired, how did you deal with the wiring harness and the bed movement?

  5. This is perfection

  6. Beautiful… Get sick of those generic boring vans that large companies make

  7. Shella Mae A. Ando

    sorry, where is the toilet seat?

  8. Amazing conversion I've ever seen. Your designs are beautifu. Take a look my project. good luck with that

  9. Rachel Just Rachel

    How much does particular design go for? Do we have to have our own van or do you buy the van and design,make then sell? Solar?

  10. Take a look at the Oasis 540 . They have a differant take on a pull down bed .Very innovative design . Built on Promaster and imported from Italy . Wonder if this design can be incorporated in DIY build

  11. I am wheelchair bound and have a 2000 chevy express 1500 with a newly installed wheelchair lift. I would like to live in my van. Do you have the capability to remove and install my lift and hand electronic hand control system in a newer Hightower Ram Roadmaster. My needs are simple: bed, bench transfer in shower, 180° swivel driver seat, sound proofing, heating & cooling, electrical system beef up with a couple solar panels for recharging, small fridge, small countertop with sink and room for air fryer, Forman grill and crock pot. I'm thinking instant hot water heaters for sink and shower. Idk how to handle toilet amenity. I just want to be comfortable and efficient. Open to suggestions.

  12. By far my favorite so far. 😍

  13. משה נפתלי

    fantastic!! happy for you!! enjoy all moment!!

  14. Great job!

  15. Hi guys, could you please tell me how you made such a bed? And is it possible to buy a kit for assembling a lifting bed somewhere? Thank you very much!

  16. people are awesome

  17. Barbara Farrington

    I don’t get the blog bit. Probably over the age, so how much is this van? I am over 70 w issues but what has kept me going are these videos and knowing that I will be doing IT. YEA

  18. Finally someone actually has a smart layout with the elevator bed

  19. Carp'Fishing Scènes

    Hello structures système pour bed lien site web pour hachette thank

  20. One of the Best …. love the beds! Layout is perfect and materials!

  21. Sidney Whitmore

    Hi Sarah and Alex! My name is Sidney and i will be having a van built for me in the next couple years and I was wondering how much this one would cost to build?(ball bark) and could I possibly come to you guys to build my van?😊

  22. Michael Marchand

    I 'd delete the extra 2 seats in front , have swivel seats in the front and where the extra 2 seats were, a bench that could house the toilet that could slide in and out of the bathroom . I'd also want the hydraulic bed to be lower as to not have to crawl as much into bed. but what you have done for those customers was impressive.

  23. Yes this is exactly what I'm looking for we are a family of 4 so this would definitely be perfect thanks for the idea

  24. I'm in love with this van.

  25. I love the idea of a lift bed, but how do you compensate for the loss of storage over the bed? Where do the clothes go?

  26. Butterfly Kisses 💋

    How about a king size bed? And how much weight does the top bed hold? Also the peices for the bottom naping area were would we buy when they start loosing shape? Thanks for the video 💚🌼🦋

  27. albert dispinseri

    what kind of money we talking about for van and work…..TOTAL ?

  28. How much did it cost to build?

  29. Amazing!

  30. This is the van I want