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This was our first time staying in a tiny home, and it’s without a doubt the best place we’ve stayed all year! The only way to get there is to hike 2 hours up a mountain in the stunning Swiss Alps!

Travel vlog 649 | Switzerland | Country #92/100 | Filmed August 2019

Music in this episode:
“Crystalis – Joseph Beg”
“Electric Eyes – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist”
“”I Can_t Help That I Miss You Now (Instrumental Version) – Basixx
“I_d Rather Sleep – Smartface”
“Midwest Diner – Frook”
“Santa Swing – Guustavv”
“Through the Fire – Power Druid”
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  1. 9:46 You put the pasta in too early. The water has got to boil before putting in the pasta bro.

  2. Did you book rent for this cabin , or you own it?

  3. I thought what a great place to take a Shit, and then, they start talking about how great the toilet is. Haha and is there are no bears to worry about either.

  4. The home looks like a frige, from far away a bit.

  5. Shrikant Ramkrishan Ganesh

    Best house of d universe…

  6. If this is not the heaven on earth,than why kashmir is?

  7. the train you used is a german train.. (But the are also quiet..) Cheers from Switzerland..

  8. Марина Давидкова

    Oh My God, the morning view is….WOOOW! This video made me cry, it's so beautiful! Thank you so much, beauties❤❤🍷🌄

  9. You know they did the “deed” in that house. No way a couple wouldn’t do the deed of opportunity

  10. Claudita Bonita

    Que bacan..me encanta,¡!¡

  11. OuR tInY hOuSe

  12. but who is the real owner ? it was so cool thanks for sharing it

  13. Seahawks76 BamBamKam31

    7:39 Looks like a Screensaver, or a Painting.

  14. Quaint presentation

  15. So question: Having experienced Van Life for over a year now, do you think experiences like this wonderful moment (in a tiny home in the Swiss Alps) inspired you to try and succeed in a van full time?

  16. José Irineu Souza

    Why you guys mixed coffee and water ? O.o

  17. Would love to see this videos without so fast cuts ! 😊

  18. This is a very hard place to live on a permanent basis! Two hours trail up is not much though – but in winter and snow it is. I guess the windows are too big for that too.

  19. The quiet Swiss Train is a german Train….

  20. w o w

  21. Yvette The TechieScrapper

    Are you ever worried about snow?

  22. Looks like it could topple down the side of the mountain at any given moment I'll pass on this one lol

  23. Mohammad Hallajian

    I hope those plates that the house is cover with are not metal, because no-one want to be there when thunder is coming down. It is a beautiful place after all.

  24. This is my dream

  25. The Secret Sauce

    This is the most unintentionally Minecraft thing I've seen in real life.

  26. Without Worries

    "So quiet on a Swiss train" Wasn't that a German train?!