HOUSE TOUR: A Paris Inspired Apartment…with Picasso Paintings…in New York City

Welcome into one of New York City’s dreamiest apartments! Marianne Sides and her husband Ryan live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in a beautiful pre-war apartment with their two cats. They moved four months ago from Raleigh, North Carolina and now can’t imagine living anywhere else. After months of DIY projects and rearranging furniture–their apartment is perfect. Marianne is a digital content creator and Founder of The M.A. Times.

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Living Room:

Bolster Pillows:
TV Stand:
Coffee Table:
Throw Blanket:
Side Table:
Sofa Pillows:
Sconce Shades:
Fireplace Mirror:
Frame TV:
Bistro Table:
Bistro Chairs:
Round Mirror:
Pendant :

Dining Room:

Floor Lamp:
Bar Cabinet: (SIMILAR)
Bar Tray:
Table Lamp:
Dining Chairs:


Pendant Light:
Serena & Lily Stool:
Table Light:
Wall Light:


Ceiling Light:
Bed Quilt:
Table Lamp:


Coffee Tray:
Island Table:


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  1. Extraordinary what they have managed to do in such a short time! The mouldings in the living room and non-wired sconces really make the room. I am very impressed.

  2. Eclectic

  3. Your FIRST NY apartment????

  4. She's cute, she reminds me of Mandy Moore in 'A Walk to Remember'

  5. That dude must have a reallllly big

    desire for a nice apartment

  6. It’s so beautiful 😩

  7. Luv luv the apartment! Please be careful with scented candles, defusers and anything that sets off fumes in small spaces with ur fur babies!! Keep natural fresh air. Fur babies can not smell chemicals!! Please keep natural fresh environment. Please do your research. Thx from a rescue.

  8. Why do you write “with Picasso Paintings”. There are not paintings and not original drawing. They simply are lithographies printing in may copies. Yo can buy them in France in some villages, no need to look for this in New York or Paris.

  9. So many great ideas and a beautiful couple. Amazing what they did to personalize a rental apartment.

  10. Great apartment and the girl is so beautiful!

  11. Youtubesüchtig111

    This Apartment is amazing

  12. I don’t understand how vocal fry came about. As a non American it’s the weirdest thing.

  13. So nice. Interesting and inviting. I love the color of the bedroom.

  14. Wow ! What a beautiful place

  15. Stephanie Stanley

    There's a lot going on…a lot of stuff.

  16. I’m sorry, “paris inspired” but she couldn’t pronounce foyer properly lol

  17. How refreshing to see color in your design, so very lovely!!!!!!!

  18. I cant stand how she speaks.

  19. Amazing!!! 💕