“GLAZEBROOK” FS19 MAP TOUR! | NEW MOD MAP Farming Simulator 19 (Review).

“GLAZEBROOK” FS19 MAP TOUR! | NEW MOD MAP Farming Simulator 19 (Review). PS5. Map by: steves mods. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. I cant sell wood chips? Anyone help?

  2. That cattle crush needs to be a placeable mod, but it’s owned by Oxygendavid, & when I asked if I could remodel it for a mod, he said no, he wasn’t prepared to give away his assets,

  3. Hi i am shiggy piggy, no lie lol.
    The farm has that name because mid last year steve nick named me shiggy piggy in back when i was a moderator for silvernews streams and it became a thing lol.
    So steve named a farm after me haha.
    Cheers steve you legend.

  4. Nice tour Mr Sealyp. Pleasant map, quite big. Thanks

  5. Can anyone confirm if there is a manure pit at the starting farm? It always annoys me when “seasons ready” maps remove the manure pit since seasons doesn’t produce slurry.

  6. I've read through a ton of comments on many of these map videos, but I haven't found an answer yet. Do you know if the government subsidy sign on modhub is usable on any of these modder maps?

  7. All the issues have been fixed. Food straw etc 👍

  8. AngelOfDeath Gaming

    Does anyone no where the sheep wool pallet spawn in please?

  9. I tried this map on new farmer (on console) but I couldn't find a sleep trigger around the house and can't place a sleep trigger either I don't know if this is happening to anyone else aswell

  10. Tyler Cheesewright

    Absolutely cracking map!! Well done Steve's Mods 👍

  11. I can't seem to purchase cows for the cow shed that's already prebuilt into the farm. Any ideas?

  12. Cows you cannot feed as trigger doesn't come up 🤷‍♂️ strange.

  13. @26:30 – overtaking on a bend MrSealyP? That'll be 5 points and a safety awareness course for you lad. 😉

    Seriously – this looks like a great map to play, though I agree about the fixed sleep point. It's beautifully landscaped and I look forward to playing on it.

    Edit: Ugghhh – a JD dealership … Why not a Massey or JCB dealership? This is England you know.

  14. What is the periphery for? I’ve never been able to work it out?

  15. Why did they take down american farms

  16. you say you couldnt see the cow slurry pit on farm manager/start from scratch,, did you check the buy cows?,, even after buying the land i could not find a buy cows trigger, as though the cow shed was just decoration nor was it labeled on the map, only horses and sheep were visable

  17. I can't get the trigger for the feeding area for tje cows on ps4

  18. Splendid map. I only wish more modders would add more crop types. It always seems like the maps I would try out and play on are ones that dont include them and the maps that dont peak my interest do.

  19. Mr Sealy P have you played Glazebrook at all? I'm struggling to feed cows and didn't know if it was something I was doing wrong. Love love love your content my friend can't wait for fs22

  20. I love this map, just wish it had built in buy points for lime, fert and L fert I hate using placeables, feel like I'm cheating

  21. Down load the map needs update can't sell vehicles at store ,have floating tool box inside shop,icon for buying inside the shop does not work, still yet to try the animal pens.consol player PS4

  22. That's a nice map! It looks bigger then what a standard size card shows.

  23. I like the map but I’ve started in new farmer mode and the bridges are invisible and there massive holes in the terrain all over the map. I guess may need an update. I’m on Xbox one s.

  24. I downloaded the map on console and the roads have disappeared and theres no bridge

  25. Very nice looking map. Steve's mods has done a great job. Biased because I live in UK but British maps just draw me in. Can't get over the amount of starting equipment. Thanks for filming!!

  26. Thanks for the tour. Excellent as usual. Strange that you start with mostly red equipment and no JD equipment the shop is a John Deere dealer. I don’t like the fact that you can’t make the postage stamp fields a little bigger 👎 for me.

  27. Dean Easterbrook

    Am on xbox y does it have no roads

  28. Is there collisions

  29. Good map but what's the point in having the capability to make and enlarge fields if you can't get rid of the hedges.

  30. I love english maps and tried this one yesterday before seeing your video today ,one problem I came across aswell being I dont like to use placeables money mods, theres no water lol i think i tock a tanker to every building then gave up but very detailed start with loads of stuff just thinking needs more of a tweak

  31. This looks great!

  32. Thanks for the video. Great looking map, hope the cow feed issue gets sorted. I seem to remember the same happening on Grasslands.

  33. Again liking the video! Ps watch out for the dangerous driving at 23:36, one Day you are gonna crash 😀

  34. Exellent map tour once again,,,,,,

  35. Great map tour mr P your voice is sounding better hope you feel better as well and the family 👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  36. Wish it had the option to paint bushes and flowers etc etc.

  37. Cows feed trigger & straw trigger not working cows ar starving and cold

  38. So many good maps. So little time.