New for 2018: MSR Hubba™ Tour Tent Series

Two-person, full-protection adventure touring tent.

The Hubba Tour 2 redefines the art of long-term roughing it. Designed with added space, protection and livability for two people on self-supported adventure tours, this tent makes life on backroads easier to sustain, day after day. From its exoskeleton design that helps the interior stay dry during setup, to its ultra-durable Xtreme Shield™ coating that helps keep out the wet, this tent handles the weather with comfort to spare. The large vestibule offers a convenient transition zone from outside to inside as well as a protected space for gear, while a second large door gives direct access to the main tent.

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  1. Small suicide at the end of the video


  3. I like the design of this tent, apart from the vestibule floor is only half covered. Surely rain water will run under the tent sides! Also there are a lot of reviews saying the tent leaks. For such an expensive tent this isnt good enough. I will stick with my Vango omega (1/3 of the price) untill the design changes

  4. ok i like it just need some mods mess on inter-room doors and seam seal the whole tent .. not sure if the newer models fixed the leak problem

  5. Andreas Nøkleby

    You should study Scandinavian tents. This is super heavy for what you get in our eyes. Like, a Helsport tent like this would weigh around 4.3 lbs for a two person, and 4.6 for a three person with more space. 3.5 lbs for the same tent, pegs and all. A 1 person tent? 2.2 pounds

    I mean, come on

  6. are those clips made of plastic? the ones that attach to the "exo skeleton frame"

  7. We purchased this tent for an 18 month cycle trip from the UK to New Zealand. We've recently tested it in Wales, before going on the trip. Unfortunately the tent leaks and is not fit for purpose.

    Firstly the inner and the flysheet pitch so close together that they touch given the slightest bit of condensation, and water drips in, this is amplified when it rains. Secondly the porch area is not waterproof, both the flysheet and the seams leak. Every time we have tried this tent we have woken up to discover something was wet.

    There are several reviews emerging online which have all discovered the same problems

    I am desperately trying to return this product, but I have not received a response. It is a shame because the layout/space and ease of setup is great.

  8. Schubox Productions

    Put on a mesh door for the sleeping room, full floor on the vestibule and a cheaper price and I would've kept mine. The lack of good ventilation is a real killer.

  9. Антон Тихоненков

    What is the reason to place the mesh on the main door and stay vents "opened" for mosquitoes the same time?

  10. Finally toned down color options

  11. This came in 2017?

  12. Wish I bought this tent instead of the one I have

  13. Can the tour tent be set up without the rainfly/vestibule?

  14. It’s not single wall. There’s a detachable inner tent. The problem I’ve found with mine is that because the frame is located externally the inner and outer have large contact areas so condensation can be a problem. Last trip, with a cool breeze and both doors open is had none. So can be done. Otherwise I love this tent for the extra room and comfort it offers 👍🏻

  15. RedWhite&Blue 78

    Pretty sweet… No tour riding for me… But, I do love my MSR HUBBA, and my MSR HUBBA HUBBA NX.