“DELUSION” FS19 MAP TOUR | NEW MOD MAP Farming Simulator 19 (Review).

“DELUSION” FS19 MAP TOUR | NEW MOD MAP Farming Simulator 19 (Review). PS5. Map by: Norblin. New to Console! GIANTS Software. What do you start with on New Farmer? What do you start with in Farm Manager and Start from Scratch modes? How many slots does it use? What features stand out? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. In this field I am not able to buy those animal places. T: transale

  2. Looks a good map mr P, I may have a little go on it, thanks for the vid 👌🏽

  3. Great video fella very nice map too. Will you be doing a map tour of Riverside farms from missyb?

  4. Pretty map interesting

  5. Are you doing a video on missyB’s new map?

  6. Sorry I’ve been away (funeral, not c19 related thankfully)
    what a cracking map, top marks as far as I’m concerned 👍👌

  7. Chris and Lisa Miller

    No riverside map tour, was looking forward to that one.


    Your are smashing it lately mrselayp, smash that like button people!

  9. This is an absolutely gorgeous map, no doubt! It's definitely a lot more open that a lot of the Polish maps can be and really handles that openness very well too, yes there are a lot of big open countryside areas with rolling hills and wotnot but there's enough detail elements that make it not feel empty or bland.

    To me it gives off that feeling that you might see a small herd of combines moving from field to field during harvest season, lorries or tractors with trailers buzzing around them to get the grain carted off to wherever it's going. In some ways it reminds me a bit of the Lubelska Dolina map I'm on right now, a slightly larger and more rural version of perhaps.

    Looks like it's pretty easy to get around with bigger equipment too as well as having areas for the smaller stuff to be relatively happy doing its thing too. I thoroughly enjoyed the Lipinki one you did a while back so I'd love to see you do a Let's Play on this or another Polish map at some point, MrSealyP!

    Cheers for taking us around!

  10. Wish we could send pics. Have some of the most beautiful views of Blue Ridge Mountains.

  11. Thank you

  12. At least all the round bales will be at the bottom of the hills for easy collection. Lmao

  13. One of the only polish maps that appeal to me, very nice 👍🏻 thanks for the review

  14. Crickey, Lpinki on steroids 🤗👍

  15. He's playing on spectacle island,he said "bear with me" .Just don't steal her gold!
    …its for the cubs education🤣
    Sort of a dad joke.

  16. This is the first Polish map that really stands out for me.

  17. Your Polish translation is very good 😉 around 12:20 😉

  18. Dont burn yourself out. You had a busy week with all the mods, maps and news from fs22. Thank you for all the hard work and keeping us up to date.

  19. I like this map being from West Virginia the hills and views make me feel at home.

  20. I like that the starting farm is all placeables that could be sold and you have the freedom to make it how you want.

  21. This is great looking map. I love a map with views. Lubelska Dolina is still one of my favorites and it's starting slot count was just above 1000, so 700 is very manageable.

  22. Good looking map. Great tour as well Mr. P.

  23. We must like good work thanks

  24. Good looking map or was it the presentation 👌

  25. This is a stunning map ,,had a look last night,,need to up horses I think.
    Like uk maps so gone for river side.
    Thanks for the map tour as normal.

  26. Nice map tour but I don’t do polish maps 👍👍👍😎😎😎😎😎

  27. nice looking map

  28. I chose Riverside over this map last night, but this actually looks really good.

  29. Number 2 of map tours, nicely spread across the day 👍🏻 MrSealyP, how many are you going for today? 1 more map tour, 1 mods review, and maybe a let’s play on Spectacle Island, and who knows… a Gold Rush? If you do, your real name must be Clark Kent 😀

  30. For the algorithm. Likes, comments, shares, and subscriptions help your content creators more than you realize. Keep it up Mr. P

  31. I have a new game. It's the "Guess if MrSealyp likes this map" challenge.
    I guessed right. 😎 Lovely map. Would love to see a let's play on here. 😘😘😘😘

  32. This is a very nice looking map.

  33. Oh yessss another Mr sealyp map tour 👍🎉🎉👏😉, wow that is a lot of fields 😁, great review as always 👍 👏