A travel video showing how to go to Gigantes Islands in Iloilo Philippines – the itinerary, expenses, accomodation and more!

Gigantes Island Hopping –

Music by:
Adventures by A Himitsu
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Roots by Tobu
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  1. Sweet Dreamers Channel

    thnx for sharing.. it reminds me of my visit in 2017, too. will definitely check out your other videos 🙂

  2. Christina Utana

    omg diyan din kami nag stay! HEHE SUPER GANDA ♡

  3. Wow pashoutout lodz Romforz vlogz

  4. Nice touch kid.

  5. Marivet Boysillo

    Very good information the price and travel seafood overload

  6. Love it sang. .😎

  7. Marck Jones Victoriano


  8. Let's Travel Eat And Play

    so beautiful sissy! new bie friend here watching you all the way down under, Australia , cheers

  9. Eduardo Viajero

    I heard this place got too touristic 2 years after I visited… It was such a great destination. Trouble was, we encountered the worst kind of people and this in spite of my travel buddy being a local of Ilo-Ilo, who spoke the language of the locals. The Trouble started when we met a local girl on the ferry ride. The Woman made small talks to my friend and since they spoke the same language, the creepy woman got Political with my very Polite and slightly gullible friend. I kept distance so it would be so hard to kick her off, when starts to act like a Clingy Whore and she did! She volunteered to help us find cheap accommodations. She took us to really far away places after showing us a shitty HUT that cost more than the rooms in Boracay and El Nido. I'd stop the narrative here. The point is, back when it had less tourist, you already encounters scums like that sick parasite of a woman. The worst part was that she recommended us to stay in this huge house and in some underground, I was with 2 female travelers. They were exhausted from the miles of walking, so they trusted the Friendly Local who spoke their language. Upon realizing what made them said Yes to the accommodation. I Snap and vehemently oppose our way back to civilization. She told one of our teenage companion that the place has WIFI. I thought WIFI make people do crazy things. Like get themselves kidnapped and sold to a brothel. Moral Lesson of the story, don't talk to friendly locals unless you want to get fucked and vice versa. And don't lead Social Media rule your life, because you can end up in some brothel. Gigantes was beautiful. But the locals we met, they are blood suckers. But people of Ilo-Ilo seem like great people.

  10. Nice travel itinerary keep it up and more power

  11. Bisaya si Batang vlog

    how much total cost for howmany days tnx

  12. Boholana On The Go

    Regards ko sa seafoods!!!😍😋😋

  13. how much po ung nagastos nyo per person ?

  14. I love the way you pronounce every word you speak tama ba engleeesss ko ahaha

  15. Anu pong tour agency kayo nka booked.,???slamat po.,

  16. You did six islands in one day? That’s a lot

  17. What month did you go in Iloilo?

  18. Krislyn Villarosa

    Wow napaka ganda po ng vlog nyo about this island. I also have one po about this isla just check out on my channel 😉

  19. Madam hm po acomodations sa gigantes island per day tnx?

  20. 西方是同性恋

    600 pesos from estancia to carles is soooo expensive, but if your goal is catching up with time, then it's fairly alright. pero sana tinawad niyo po 😂

  21. RnBrenan Caballete

    How much to the tour package?

  22. Rachelle Mae Remellete

    How much did you pay for the tour package? 😊

  23. Fracisco dela pena

    You're vlog so clear

  24. Wow i cant wait to see this place on next month this close to my place. Im new subscriber sis

  25. Nice video, thanks!!😁

  26. Tnx From Addison Illinois 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  27. Rhubilyn Monsanto

    1 year ago na po e2. .. gnun pdin ba ang price ngaun?

  28. Love this video Gresa, .. and by the way a belated Happy Valentines day to you and French.
    The Gigantes sand bar is a place my wife promises to take me this spring when we come over and though it's a couple of months before we fly out of Toronto I'm already starting to pack. We're coming for a couple of months so I expect to travel a lot, and see some of the other great places in your videos.
    Most of our time will be in the province of Iloilo, but Cebu and Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte are also on my wish list. 🙂

  29. Angganda! Kelan kya mpapadpad jan 😅 saka like ko yung ganito sinasabi yung expenses, hndi yung manghuhula k mgkano mgagastos atleast may idea khit papno.
    I guess, reasonable na yung price kc may pafood at accomodation na.

  30. It's not pronounced as gigantes. It's higantes

  31. Hi do you think it would be possible to take public boat to island 7 and stay overnight, and just take a island hopping tour next day? Would it be cheaper for solo traveler?

  32. Thank you for the information, I will be in Iloilo-Bacolod-Guimaras on October 13-18, and I will be traveling alone, and this video gave me ideas. Kudos!

    PS: Looking for a travel buddy on the said dates 🙂

  33. Lhey Padilla Aquino

    Nakakamiss umuwi 🙂

  34. "Ride a taxi or tricycle" wala pong taxi sa Roxas City. Tricycle lang po ang meron papunta sa terminal. 🙂


    You don't to go to estancia to lessen your journey. From Roxas city airport Carles is just 45 mins to 1 hour drive then you can get a boat going to Gigantes Island.

  36. Ahhh the next Iland to be destroyed after Boracay…… dump sewage in the sea and make septic tank under water….

  37. chuchusantamaria

    Totally enjoyed this. Great, precise, simple and pleasant style of presentation. Well done! . Now I know what toujours mean 🙂

  38. amazing video, with limited stuff
    it s true your tour is expensive…
    i m not working for them, but here is a cheaper option:
    Gigantes Island Tours and Services
    1700PHP per head, and it s lowering with larger groups…
    i m sure it would help 🙂

  39. QueenReina 9216

    1lang sa mga bucket list ko… Puntahan ko talaga to.. By hook or by crook hehehee

  40. Family Fun Time Adventure & Toy reviews

    I think you paid to much for the tour

  41. hi new sub here, nice vlog, detailed expenses, really very helpful

  42. Luther John Dordas

    Hey thank you sa pag feature ng Gigantes sa channel mo. I'm actually from Balasan. But never got the chance to go there. Swerte mo. Hehe

  43. magkano po yung nagastos nyo sa whole trip?

  44. magkano lahat nagastus nyu