Sprinter Van Tour with Bathroom, Roof Terrace & HUGE Fixed Bed | Icelandic Dream Camper 🤍

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Next up we will show you around a super cosy Sprinter Van Tiny Home with a wood burner. It was designed for Van Life with a dog 🐕 one lucky pooch!

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Simploo Compost Toilet:

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Remis Cab Blinds:
(expensive but worth every penny, for connivence, temperature control and privacy in an instance)

Swivel Seat Bases:

Swivel Table Legs:
(less expensive compared to Lagun Leg)

(perfect for vans or small spaces thanks to its narrow depth)

Kitchen Tap with Filter:

Kitchen Hob:

Maxx Fan:

Maxx Fan Blind:

Bathroom Skylight:

Shower Door:

Large Sky Light Over Bed:

Bedroom Flexible Reading Lights with USB:

More about this design:

The base model is a Mercedes Sprinter LWB 170, it was transformed from a delivery van to a beautiful tiny home on wheels for our client Josephine and her family, mainly for UK holidays and weekend travel. As she works from home she also uses her van as a mobile office, or she can work nomadically from anywhere in the world thanks to the vans off grid capabilities and solar panels.

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🛏 the fixed bed needed to accommodate our clients husband who is 6’4 – can you spot what we did??

🏔a handmade custom mountain splash back was included to bring the outdoors in, designed with Josephine’s favourite rich wood tones contrasted with tranquil blue and green colours.

🥂 this couple love to entertain, the social design can comfortably seat 6 people facing each other, with the option of a removable bench style table for dinner parties or board games in the van!

🍷 the seat has many functions, including an integrated wine chest, capturing our clients love of fine wine, surrounded with warm feature lighting for enhancing that hygee feeling on an evening!

🌅 a pull out chaise longue was also incorporated in the seat for soaking up those special views from the side door, this can also double up as a child’s bed when required. There is hidden storage inside, and a pin board to the front for collecting treasured travel momentous!

🌊 to the garage there is a long length waterproof space for the storage of all important outdoor gear, and a heated drying rail for coats, towels, wetsuits, or extra clothes storage.

☀️ outside there is a roof terrace area with funky bespoke seats, this can be accessed via the large sky light above the bed, or via the @ThuleBringYourLife telescopic ladder. There is also a pull out hammock rack system to the side of the van for those chilled arvos with a beverage and a good book!

Based in the UK, we design and transform regular vans into premium quality bespoke tiny homes for people to live and enjoy the ultimate van life! We specialise in creating one-off camper vans that are uniquely built around our clients individuality. Founder Wayne has a passion for carpentry and has over 30 years experience in his field!

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  1. I love this built soo much

  2. Nelson Carreiro

    Love it

  3. Amazing! I specifically like the stovetop, plate compartment, trash pull compartment, and the rounded finishes.

  4. This is just stunning. Well done on the design and craftsmanship. This is full of great ideas for my one day van purchase!

  5. One correction needed! Dishes
    cannot be exposed to air & dust!
    Looks great though but I suggest
    a little door! Absolutely love the
    bathroom sink! The wood look!
    In the shower; what is it?

    I personally would want win-
    dows in the back door too!
    Just love it!

    Thank you!

  6. I love this build! Wow is right!
    This gives ‘great’ new meaning!
    Wonderful! I have new excite-
    ment! I want one

  7. Love the bench. This may be your best one yet! How do you keep on getting cleverer? I think this one is my favourite

  8. Love the rounded corners 💛

  9. Love the lounger feature

  10. I watched a lot of van conversion videos and by far your van conversions are my favorite. I saw another one you did in January 2021 and I thought that one was amazing as well. How you make vans look so spacious and aesthetically pleasing is an Art

  11. This is probably the best van I have ever seen. I am sure it costs a small fortune…but great job👍

  12. I like this other than a lack of clothes storage in van.

  13. Dr. Animal Lover


  14. Beautiful interior! I love the color and tree branch column. And the bathroom is very spacious.

  15. Wow. It’s perfect

  16. When can I move in😁

  17. Stunning build. Is that a normal
    Lwb or xlwb van?

  18. Stacy Mellinger

    Such an amazing build! How do you drive it with a bench seat in front??

  19. Pure genius. Bravo 👏🏻

  20. I think them hammocks are a brilliant idea! And this is EPIC ! 🥰

  21. Beautiful. Is your roof deck checker plate steel or aluminium (what thickness?). Many thanks for the video, making us all envious.

  22. The Rich Chronicles

    Not to sound like a broken record but this is the best van build ever. Should be awards for this

  23. Love this van build! Well done!

  24. Complete with "Adventure" wall word art…

  25. Best Van Build I have seen. Kudos! I want one!

  26. Hi, I am at the end of my career and will be retiring in 3 months time. What is your current lead time from order to delivery on a van such as this one?

  27. Beautiful quality, would need more cabinets for clothes etc if travelling for a while but really lovely build