Room Tour/Stateroom Balcony Cabin/Floating 5 star Hotel/ Bathroom Cleaning

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Hello guys Welcome back to my channel on this video I will give you a tour on my room onboard
And I will give you an idea on how to live on a floating 5 star Hotel. This is our room this Pandemic as we are on social distancing so we are on solo cabin. We are responsible for the Cleanliness & maintenance of the room. As it will being check by our bosses. We have a previledge to live and enjoy the guest cabin this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. That our company provide to us. They also provide us foods and unlimited wifi. This is really a Life of a guest. Sleep, on a comfortable and big bed. Eat on a buffet and enjoy the ship Aminities. I’m just lucky enough to be part of the team. Hope everything will be back to normal. Thank you for watching.

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  1. aznarepse pascua

    wow ang ganda n man ng iyong cabin, sosyal napaka ayos

  2. Wow dami nmang stock ng room na yan.Nice tour..

  3. Jenny Joy Del Rosario

    Ang saya and first class experience talaga. Gandang perks indeed

  4. Wow super nice floating hotel!


    Saya dami paayuda si mayor complete

  6. Trying to figure out this also when I am traveling

  7. Genuine Worships

    ang ganda naman .. wanna experience their service too…

  8. Mai mai Bacalares

    Ang Ganda naman jan

  9. Jaden Troy Cudeldiego

    Ang Ganda ng room MO idol laki na siguro kita natin

  10. Ang Ganda naman Jan.. Nice room..

  11. Ang ganda naman diyan lods

  12. Ang linis ng banyo😊