Who doesn’t LOVE a green forestcore island?! Fawkes did an amazing job using the 2.0 update items on this forest inspired island tour, and I can’t wait to take some inspiration from this stunning forestcore theme and put it into my own island! What was your favorite part of today’s island tour?!

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Dirt path: MA-9488-1972-2446
Beach towel: MA-7399-3927-8393
Grassy wood planks: MA-7280-9846-7257
Railroad: MA-7414-4688-6996
Grassy path: MA-2677-9174-5919
Broken sofa and armchair: MA-6578-9428-7458
Unfinished painting: MA-8998-6020-3347
Picnic tablecloth: MO-98TH-NXMW-2CST
Green block check: MA-1474-4447-2355
Email boxes: MA-5947-2552-5111
Flag creator: MA-9278-7443-5692
Kappn’ poster: MA-1445-5827-0127
Cafe doors: MA-4394-2118-5607
Pumpkin patch sign: MO-QXSF-0HY9-VYDJ
Stone path: MA-9369-1426-8734
Post sign: MO-XQ38-S5NR-YYVV
Little flowerbed: MA-7619-2329-5699
Garden plants: MA-2070-7720-6103
Sack of flour: MA-3898-5356-3354
Seed sack: MA-6842-9408-6302
Dress outside Mable sisters: MA-1404-2315-1866
Notes signboard: MA-0687-4578-5842
Hiking sign: MA-1536-7751-1065

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  1. Katie on Calla Cove

    What 2.0 items are you inspired to use after seeing this island tour?!

  2. Bois crossing?

  3. I really liked this island with a lot of nature.

  4. Can we say “Goalz”? Wow, just wow. Thank you for highlighting this island!!

  5. Really beautiful island, so green so natural wow !!

    One question where did you get the railroad sign ?

  6. Where's Tom Bombadil?

  7. Ahh I do wish they credited Bois Crossing ( if u look at how similar their islands are!) unless they didn’t use it

  8. I think this is my favourite island of every island I've ever seen so far!! I am soso blown away.

  9. Im working on a cottagecore/forestcore island and this inspired me, and made me feel bad about my island. I feel so pumped up about working on my island after seeing this!!

  10. How do you make a stunted bamboo ??

  11. Not to sound stupid but how do you stunt a tree

  12. They literally copy this from Bois island

  13. My jaw fell on the floor with that rock garden!!

  14. ❤💚❤💚❤💋
    ❤🎄Merry Christmas beautiful Katie 💜

  15. Can you place stuff in the gazebo

  16. Kasandra Gutierrez

    How do I use those codes? How does that work? I am new to ACNH and I really want to make my island much more in depth with detail

  17. Whoa the windmill, gazebo combo 😍

  18. This is amazing, I just don't get how people get that sort of depth of field with their trees and make it feel so full and foresty!

  19. This island is mind-blowing!

  20. I’m making forest core two and it’s kromming along Soo wel

  21. This is what I want my island to look but wow! All the work done! 🥲 beautiful

  22. this is really beautiful…

  23. This has to be one of the most beautiful islands I've ever seen! So detailed yet so simple and breath taking. I love it!

  24. I love all your islands!! It's hard to copy it esp. if my layout isn't the same as yours. You have the best forest layouts I have ever seen!!!! 100/100!!!

  25. I’m so excited for 2.0 dream address islands to start coming out, I want to explore some so, so bad 😭 this is beautiful! I’m going to visit now!

  26. Estos videos me inspiran a comenzar de nuevo mi isla💞✨

  27. such a lovely tour!! i am so excited to hear that you’re doing a county fair theme again!!!!! ❤️

  28. I haven't been playing NH very long, but this is pretty much exactly what I hope my island develops into. It's a perfect intersection of comfy and decay.

  29. Hopeful Sunflower

    What a beautiful island! Thank you for a beautiful tour, Katie!🥰

  30. This is so beautiful, I feel pretty inspired now 🥰

  31. omg that train station outpost took my breath away…so well done

  32. I am obsessed with that rock garden. Best use of the giant vine I've seen yet!

  33. I really appreciate you taking your time while walking through the island! It feels like we are there exploring with you and taking it all in. By far you are my favorite tour guide thank you for all that you do 🥰

  34. I love this island! It's so pretty and I love the use of the new items!

  35. Frederikke Lunde Gludsted

    love this island! I am so much gonna visit it myself 😄Thank you for an awesome video Katie. i really enjoy watching all og your videos 😄

  36. What a gorgeous island update! I'm racing to finish my 2.0 winter town island so I can submit it before Christmas

  37. I finally finished all my final projects/exams for my classes and since I'm officially in winter break, I'm going to binge-watch your videos I missed while I was studying =) Happy to see your videos again~

  38. Absolutely beautiful !!!! 😍😍😍

  39. I think, if someone wants to do a total farm core island, this wooden storage cabinet would double as a perfect outhouse.

  40. I love how you start at the entrance instead of resident services. It makes for an organized, and unspoiled tour. You seem so sweet and do such a great job. I love watching your videos, thank you!!

  41. this creator was so incredibly innovative and inspiring! they did such clever usage of space and i will be potentially stealing the incline onto the beach idea bc it is so so good!

  42. Do you stream?

  43. oh that able sisters build is just beautiful