Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Yacht – Full Tour

We head to Edinburgh to take a tour of the incredible HM Royal Yacht Britannia. In this full ship tour of Queen Elizabeth II’s and Prince Philip’s Private Yacht, we visit all areas of the ship including Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh’s private bedrooms, sitting rooms, dining rooms and lounge areas. As well as taking a look behind the scenes including the crew areas and engine room. This was an amazing visit to an incredible ship!


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  2. Peasants.

  3. François Désilets

    HMY Britannia. The greatest ambassador the United Kingdom ever had.

  4. 7:11pm 12/01/2021

  5. OMGGG I HVE A TEDDY THAT is a brittania one

    Edit: Britannia*

  6. Big dignitaries, the Clinton crime family!?!?!

  7. Fancy you two getting on the Britannia. I didn’t realize it was you two until I clicked it and heard a familiar voice. I have a photo of The Queen and I (and about 15 others) taken aboard the yacht about 25 years ago when The Queen and Britannia came to Toronto. I was a part of the protocol team looking after the tour. But you two actually got to go inside. Lucky you and it was a very good tour. Thank you very much. Cheers, Colin.

  8. Taylor's and Newcastle Ale is all you need

  9. Deck envy. If only my boat had teak decking.

  10. Where's the piano gone from the unwinding room at 7:28 and why's the bar been moved to the forward end?. Bar looks all clean and clinical now with all the nicotine stains and mementos removed. I served on HMY Britannia from Jan 94 till Jun 96. Good times & happy memories. Thanks guys it was a good video.

  11. what an amazing ship. very well constructed and designed.

  12. Why did the Duke and Queen sleep separately ? Did they have some personal problems?

  13. Really well filmed and edited. Great job.


    This looks Much beautiful than the modern yacht

  15. BonkersAboutBritain

    Great video.

  16. Hi Ben & David . The BEST tour of the Royal Yacht I've seen . Awesome video quality & LOVED your commentary, sense of humour & music . Made me feel like I was right there with you . God bless you guys . Mark (Toronto) 💔🧡💛💚💙💜

  17. Show us the childrens cages

  18. I hope another is commissioned and name Prince Phillip. An ideal way for William and Catherine to continue royal duties around the world and great for the carbon footprint in comparison to air travel. Really enjoyed tour on your channel. Thank you 😘

  19. Interesting to see the contrast between when the crew bunks and quarters are shown 😂 😂 nothing changes.

  20. Looks like the guys have done their own fair share of cruising over the years lol if you catch my drift

  21. AML Ferries and S&EB Trackers

    P&o FERRY

  22. Daniel in the Antipodes

    Thank you for the video!

  23. Been there with my husband 3 years ago- before the Corona era. Lots of stories explained, princess Diana playing piano with her sons, etc. We spent a very informative morning on the yacht. I recommend especially if you are a fan of royal family,

  24. DONE THAT !!! in person.

  25. That is a pretty common royal thing for the king and queen (or queen and prince in this case) to sleep in separate bedrooms. It is actually a great idea that I plan to implement in my own home when I start building. It is for 2 busy people, so you don't wake the other person when coming to bed late, or needing to get up early in the morning. It doesn't mean they will always sleep separately, they just have the option.

  26. 220 Crew…? Wow, No wonder the British government decided that it was no longer financially justified in 1997. Interesting to compare that Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich's massive Yacht Eclipse(bigger than Britannia) has a crew of 63..

  27. Can’t understand the accents

  28. Subscribed 😁❤️

  29. Such a shame it was decommissioned. I think the royals need a space away from the media, where they could really relax.

  30. Might be gone to a separate area, I recall seeing a Narwhal “tusk” on the wall, gift from Canada. But it seems those items may have been moved into separate display units?
    Regardless, thanks for the memories!

  31. The dispensable armchair tentatively breathe because answer ultrascructurally boast barring a wide ink. capricious, spiteful satin

  32. I do think it’s time to replace it with a new ship.

  33. I've visited the Royal Yacht a couple of times. As good as this video is. You have to be there. Well worth a visit.

  34. Try something New

    Thanks for that tour. It was something I wanted to see while visiting there but ran out of time.

  35. Great tour..
    We used to see this ship quite regularly at Cowes Week as we live on the Isle of Wight…..👍

  36. Elon Musk! 😂

  37. Awesome video Ben & David! Thank you!

  38. Very professional

  39. Really nice job, guys. Thanks so much for putting this together and posting it. COVID willing, I'll be in Scotland next year; this has encouraged me put a visit to HMY Brittania onto the schedule😀.

  40. Loved this , really interesting, looking forward to seeing more in the future , on land or sea x

  41. Very nice beautiful…wow ….thanks Ben.

  42. I really enjoyed this tour and am so glad you two were able to get back on a ship (at least for a little while😉).