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Lisbon is a great foodie destination. Create your own food crawl by hopping on one of the city’s famous funiculars to explore everything from modern market halls to traditional bakeries to hole-in-the-wall bars. Visit for more information about this destination and other destinations in Europe.

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  1. What a shame if these markets had to permanently close because of lockdown. 🙁

  2. Jericó Internacional

    this was too short… I WANT MOREEEEEE!!!!

  3. Ammukrishnan 1130

    I'm about to go Portugal in few months. I'm really exited

  4. 微博:WiseTour

    Portuguese food nice

  5. Wow nice😊

  6. Say the opposite way, pasteis de belem, similar to custard pies. It's their typical name, like pizza, sushi, crumble, focaccia, paella, etc

  7. Thanks for showing us the wonderful things around the world, Rick!

  8. Even after all this year EU still eating raw meat,, lol. Now am waiting for buries,,,.

  9. Hi Rick … nice to see your video …

  10. I’ve not yet been to Portugal but it’s on my list. 💖

  11. Don't you just hate restaurants which serve food on bits of wood? What happened to plates?

  12. Now I'm starving! Best way to truly learn about people is to eat with them😋

  13. Custard pie? Really, Rick!

  14. A new Portugal series is desperately needed Rick,

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    Nice to you

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    > where at ?

  17. I really love Europe 🌍🇪🇺
    I'm from Vietnam🇻🇳

  18. Major Allen Espy

    Was just there, Rick. My cousin and I used your videos for research, and your name was brought up a few times in conversation. Thanks for all your insight!

  19. Lígia Gundisalvus

    The Port wine is actually produced in the Douro Valley (northern Portugal), very close to my wonderful city – Porto. 🙂

  20. David H Cobbald

    Ah Lisbon, what a beautiful place. I was there in February and really enjoyed the pasteis De Belem when I was there! 😃😃

  21. These awesome!

  22. I want these prongles now!!!! Nom nom nom!!!!

  23. Yes !!! Thank you Rick ❤️

  24. Millennial Travel Confessions

    Oh yes take us back to good old Lisbon! This place is fantastic! 👍

  25. I was the 1000th viewer 😀

  26. That was fun…Thanks, Rick! Or should I say……Obrigado!

  27. I   love tawny port; tastes like liquid raisins.