AJ Bell Tour of Britain | 2021 stage two highlights | Sherford to Exeter

Catch up with the best of the action from stage two of the 2021 AJ Bell Tour of Britain, held between Sherford and Exeter in Devon on Monday 6 September.

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  1. This highlight is awesome. Can finally see the “whole” race now.

  2. Harvey's Cycling Channel

    I watch the race on Dartmoor it was fantastic, so nice to see them riding my regular routes.

  3. Well massive tick in the box for using pipa York to comentate at the end it's just a shame it has zero personality?

  4. Kernow Forester

    I noticed lots of Cornish (St Piran) and Devon (St Petroc) flags being flown on this second stage. The first stage finished here yesterday in Bodmin.

  5. Great to have a ToB where it's not *issing down all week! 😊

  6. Rumah Belajar Sekolah Dasar

    hello everyone this way please

  7. Spoiler oops. 🧐 Nice reporting and video 👍

  8. Pennsylvania represent! Stoked for him!

  9. Very impressive size crowds out to watch this race. And congrats to a fellow American for a fantastic solo victory!

  10. So awesome to see him (no spoiler don't worry!) win. A long time coming, well deserved and I'm sure earned through a ton of hard work

  11. You know it's a British race, never seen so many turned in hoods and aero socks 😁

  12. If WVA has a shocker at the Worlds, I honestly back Hayter to win it!

  13. Joshua Whittaker

    Great highlights. Stage profile would improve things and take it to the next level!

  14. Please remove the spoiler thumbnail

  15. WVA not contesting the sprint? Weird…

  16. Can we have a stage profile?

  17. Thanks for the fast upload I love it 😎❤️❤️😍😍🔥🔥

    #WVAfan 🙋‍♂️

  18. killed that jawn.

  19. Exelent video very thanks mach