IS POLISH FOOD GOOD?! Krakow Food Tour – EatPolska Poland | Travel Vlog 2018

Today we’re trying Polish cuisine on a food tour in Krakow! Poland food is full of history, but how’s the taste? EatPolska offer…⬇ Click ‘Show More’ ⬇

Polish food is rich in history, something only a food tour would properly be able to guide us through. Krakow is the first stop on our travel through Poland so we found the best food tour in town to show us around in this vlog. EatPolska offer all sorts of food tours, vodka tours and more across Poland, check them out here:

The food in Poland has really surprised us. On paper a lot of the choices might not sound incredibly appealing, but with some history and background from our EatPolska tour guid Halina and getting to try the various types of food we were convinced.

Food tours are such a great way to try all sorts of dishes from a country as you travel and todays vlog proves Polish food is delicious!

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  1. Daneger and Stacey

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  2. bigossssssss!

  3. Bartosz Na Świecie

    Bagely bread pretzel is what was brought to the west by Polish jews who managed to escape Germans and Russians. It is bagel's older brother in a way.

  4. mogęNie jestem Polakiem i nie mówię po polsku

  5. Pickett's Charge

    It's very hard to find out good "zapiekanka". What you show in the video is for sure not the one (it has completely wrong ingredients for the look of it). It shouldn't taste like pizza at all. It should have vegetable and mushroom taste.

  6. polecam spróbować cebularzy

  7. You're so cute !

  8. ur eklig

  9. Thank You for the tour !
    Greetings from New York! 🇺🇸🇵🇱

  10. fallen night owls

    I am from poland and i love polish food

  11. Neville Anitelea

    Hmm looks carb loaded food tour.. no thanks

  12. Krystyna Smentek

    Z tego co wiem oscypek robiony jest z owczego mleka nie krowiego

  13. welcome in Poland my friends. enjoy your journey 🙂

  14. Poland really has the best food ever(my opinion^^")

  15. Stanisława Szymanska

    Jesteście fajną parą 🌹🌹 i taki gest z twojej strony, jak robiłaś, degustacje wódki to było super 👍pozdrawiam miło!!! 🇵🇱😃

  16. Bucket List Travellers

    That Polish sushi looks really nice 😋

  17. All of poland is outstanding! Oh, the food my mother and grandmother could make 😋

  18. Let me just say that the guide showed you food that is completely and totally not traditional and NOT our staple food that ANY Polish person will show you (apart from zurek soup and polish meat that you had). I guess she must have had some financial agreement with the restaurants… First and foremost she should have let you taste: PIEROGI, then BIGOS, then GOLABKI and maybe potato pancakes. Zapiekanka IS NOT Polish traditional food and the cheese platter was ok but maybe as a starter but not main dish…

  19. Fermented flour = sourdough?

  20. Hello Geeky! Hello Kitty!

    Tak naprawdę to oprócz Białego barszczu nie spróbowali nic polskiego.

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  22. Nicholas Levine

    My wife and I just did the EatPolska tour in Krakow. The guide was awesome and the food was great. Thanks for the tip and the excellent content!

  23. You it polskie jedzenie smakowało smacznego;)

  24. Polski glonka…

  25. Gacek Nietoperz

    Views great for tourists. You have not eaten or drunk regional Polish food.

  26. Oscypek is cheese which is made from sheep milk (not cow). If it is made form cow milk then it can't be name oscypek but mountan chees or something like that. This is information for lady from EatPolska, oscypek is regional product which is regulated by polish law about regional products and it have to be made from sheep milk.

  27. God save me from eating from Krakow! Have you not poisoned yourself?
    So what was Polish food? Half of these dishes have nothing to do with Polish cuisine. Zapiekanka is not Polish food. It's tacky fast food. Everything in Krakow is sloppy, because it is a city focused on extracting money from foreign clients. For money they give the cheapest food ingredients. Avarice and extortion of money were the specialty of Jews, and it is visible in Krakow. I don't know how you could have eaten these cheesy dishes?
    Your guide has a fat ass from these fast food.
    Oscypek is made of sheep's milk. Cow's milk cheese is a fake.
    Eat Polska brings shame to Poland. They can't even decide whether their company name should be in Polish or English.

  28. Wow Poland..

  29. Adorable couple. The tour looks great. That beef with mushroom sauce… Wow.

  30. Fuck off to the england!

  31. deberian probar el gulash polaco es como una sopa bien espesa de carne ufff es lo mas rico

  32. TheMaxijazzkompozyto

    huja sie tam znacie. Try pierogi and kluski slonske z gulaszem from babuska

  33. schabowy is zajebisty

  34. Dom Dom Alakazam

    For next time you can find another guide for much better experience with food.
    This one I bet its a poor student what only know how to cook frankfurters on the iron xD

  35. Paweł Ciepliński

    Zapiekanka is the only fast food invented in Poland. Oryginalny baguette with cheese and champions.