Pokimane's 2021 ROOM TOUR + Gaming Setup!

Welcome to my 2021 Room Tour! I show you guys my gaming area which includes my setup and stream backgrounds with all of my art and collectables + my bedroom area which has my bed, both of my closets, my vanity and bathroom 🙂
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  1. Thank you all so much for watching! <3 What was your favorite part of my room? :O

  2. 0:08 The best part
    Voice and cuteness = 🔥🔥🔥🔥 🌋🌋🌋🌋

  3. 22:00 The most enjoyable part is you………. your cuteness, your voice, the way you had guide us in the video, everything was good…..
    I enjoyed your closet tour the best coz I like your dresses, they look great…
    Note : Don't think me one of your toxic lovers, please……
    Anyways, Love From India

  4. 14:40
    Idiot guys be like : The best part

  5. I think the best part of poki tours are understanding how she owns so many things but somehow it doesn't seem cluttered. I need to get my life together like her lol

  6. 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩😂😂🤣

  7. no one said it? 🕵

    You came from pewdepie

  8. 17:30 what was that change in voice

  9. Nimród Ádám Tari

    OMG!!! Beatiful room and setup!!!

  10. Poki doesn’t have a streaming pc one one ?

  11. Wait what's microphone name?

  12. 11:03 this is for the weirdos that want her feet



  15. WEIRD

  16. Can i life with u?😍😍

  17. please tell me your camra model

  18. Ok I will

  19. What happened to your ASUS pc

  20. I love you.

  21. Youre room is nerly as big as my house

  22. Your so cute pokimane

  23. Maverick Elledge

    I love either all but the cables

  24. im just watching to calm down ty pokimain for having such a nice voice 😀

  25. Soooo thiicccccc

  26. Marshall Nemesis

    Song name 0:160:30 please?

  27. Jesus christ, please hire someone to do some cable management Poki lol

  28. 0:50 is what a bunch of girls sound like when they are fighting over a boy

  29. what pc and monitor would you recommend to buy? and a question if i have the monitor do i need a playstation too? or not?

  30. Yusuf Saif Eldin


  31. That was a long time he had the camera focused on her feet.

  32. kinda cute

  33. Karl likes you

  34. damn this is the dream setup, u live like a princess. this video was such a treat

  35. Why did you blured out the mouse??
    Edit: nvm

  36. What is that table you have for your computer?

  37. i do not care

  38. Too easy

  39. if my room was like this i would run away

  40. I love how much flowers are there because I love nature

  41. I watch you on Tv ALL THE TIME!!! AHHHH

  42. Beautiful interior design. What a dashing display of color


    is it Me or Sage from Valorant looks like Bella Poarch

  44. Great Apple Right


  45. The Flabergasted Gamer

    That dress is short