VAN TOUR | Sprinter Van Self Converted to a Tiny Home for Full Time Van Life

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This is our full van tour of our Self Converted Sprinter Van that we turned into our family tiny home so that we can travel full time around Australia – bring on Van Life 🙂

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Hi, we are Stephen, Jess and little Hunter, a travelling van life family who self-converted their dream house on wheels – we now live full-time in our Sprinter van called Cooper as we do a full lap of our home Australia.

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Website cung cấp tới đọc các thông tin tổng hợp về du lịch trong & ngoài nước.

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  1. as soon as you pulled out hunters little lock board thing i recognized it from when i was little crazy how they are still around!!

  2. Oof I wasn’t watching the video

  3. Lemme ask a question how do u wash all your clothes?????

  4. Bella and Sam fam

    Do you guys have a house to

  5. its vlog not blog

  6. I'm aussie

  7. Sunny Luna living

  8. There’s some Minh toilets at bff if that helps with hunter

  9. I live in Australia toooooooo!!!!!!!!

  10. Karolina Boguslawski

    Love the van but where’s the bathroom

  11. I’m so inspired by this I want this ride style I also love the bed se up the little bed up there is soooooo cute

  12. Are you in India or America.

  13. Everything is perfect only issue for me, the bathroom 🤯 i can't live

  14. Ik this is a while into the future but where will hunter sleep when she’s a teenager

  15. How much has the Mercedes Van cost after furnishcing ! Good Investment for summer holidays 🙂

  16. What about your laundry

  17. What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom and you are not Close

  18. Good job

  19. Say to me when you gone sell it becus i want it. 🙂

  20. Imagine this van also can cater kids 👏 very nice ideas. Hopefully you’ll have a renovation for your 🚿 and 🚽 soon aside from the bunk bed.

  21. Sparkling girls Divine

    U guys have inspired me so that when I’m older I can start my own you tube channel for van life

  22. Just an observation: Fantastic books for Hunter, great for mechanical thinking/development of fine motor skills.. fantastic mental stimulation. I noticed your fire extinguisher placement could become a potential hazard if she successfully unlocks the two latches. She wouldn't be far off mastering the lock/latch book so it might encourage her to attempt to open the latches on the fire extinguisher. Probably not at issue but I thought I should bring it to your attention. All the best.

  23. This is one of the best tours I’ve ever seen!🥰

  24. This is better than my 🏠

  25. Karoline Krogh Kanne Jensen

    I dont know i i just didnt get it but how about the toilet??

  26. Where is hunter going to sleep when she grows out of the bed? Btw love your Chanel