SWT Championship Winners Semis – Spargo (Cloud, Pyra Mythra) Vs. Cosmos (Pyra Mythra) SSBU Ultimate

The Smash World Tour Championship is a Smash Ultimate Tournament featuring the best players in the world. Top players qualified through several events to compete at the SWT Championship. The SWTC features over $150,000 in prize money!

The event was streamed on:

You can check out the bracket here:

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  1. The Smash World Tour Championship is still live! Check it out here: "http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp"

  2. Game 4: Why I youtube search for spargo specifically. Absolute domination when he gets pissed

  3. 04:01 this is the kind of brainless spamming i was afraid of when Pythra was first introduced and everyone said they wouldnt be top 3 … i called it. so annoying BAN

  4. Spargo

  5. Intellectual Black King

    Maaaan Spargo is Leo wtf. I love both cosmos and Spargo and I feel cosmos had the advantage in ditto imo bc I feel like the better mythra wins. But Spargo made the best decision switching and even though he lost game 3 he reminded him self who he was game 4 and 5 and it was over lol .
    Got that MJ switch factor.

  6. 14:22 I literally seen this clip not to long ago just this clip

  7. Does anyone know the leffen match they mentioned in 19:53

  8. Jesus fucking Christ spargo is the cloud goat

  9. Man, Aegis dittoes just make me zone out. Mythra hit effects so frequent and swipy. No sauce

  10. So spargo won this but lost winner finals? Is that how cosmo ended up in grand finals

  11. Round 4… Spargo just woke up and chose violence

  12. Guess Game 4 Spargo is a thing now… My god that was a masacre.

  13. Richie Fialkovic

    Sparg0 was throwing for content and clutched for even more content

  14. The Spargo eye roll into god-gear was one of the coolest smash things I’ve ever seen

  15. げつめんハゲ


  16. I need to see Sparg0 play Zachray before we can really say hes number 2. This dude just won a major with Sora. Zachray has been the #2 player in my eyes ever since immediately after Nairo and Samsora were disgraced.

    When ya look at the tape, Zachray is the clear Prince of Smash right under King Leo

  17. NERF Eyeroll, buff too stronk.

  18. Game 4 was just…. bruh…

  19. Sparg0 belongs with Cloud in my mind. Really hope he switches back to the one true main.

  20. I swear, watching Cosmos switch to Pyra after getting a lead and then doing something very unsafe and losing is kinda painful

  21. Holy shit angry sparg0.

  22. That eyeroll was Sparg0 removing his limiter

  23. I love how he taunted after the second stock

  24. It’s stupid how people hate Pikachu more than Aegis for some freaking reason

  25. Regular Original

    This mans Cloud is so goddamn hype it's unreal. Making Cloud look top-tier.

  26. Shoutout to production with the replays & a great experience for viewers at home 💕

  27. 14:21 Double 0 to death 👌

  28. スパーゴイケメン

  29. Spargo super sayan mode activated after game 4

  30. The Mexican Lords of Night and Day. Mkleo and Spargo. Good game Cosmos, he did great. He had Spargo on the ropes for the first two matches. Then, Bam! Spargo was nope, not today.

  31. 9:05 is he a smart fella or a fart smella

  32. Cosmos was hyping up like he knew was but to play leo haha

  33. 14:17 Eyeroll to ded is a true combo

  34. Itz_x_ Salvation

    Dude spargo was looking a little dicey then SNAP game 4 was just disgusting.

  35. I'm conflicted. I like Sparg0 but I hate Aegis. Wish he would just stick with Cloud. I totally get why he doesn't cuz Aegis is broken, it just makes me sad. This set was hype tho

  36. That eye roll to body was one of the best things I’ve seen in this game

  37. not good enough… you both trash… unnecessary uploads II>_>p

  38. Spargo is a monster

  39. CisforChandelure

    I dont understand why people let leo and spargo do all ps2. Its clearly their best and most comfortable stage

  40. Sparg0 and 14:18 was just done playing