SWT Championship Group H – Tweek (Diddy Kong) Vs. Kiyarash (Luigi) SSBU Ultimate Tournament

The Smash World Tour Championship is a Smash Ultimate Tournament featuring the best players in the world. Top players qualified through several events to compete at the SWT Championship. The SWTC features over $150,000 in prize money!

The event was streamed on:

You can check out the bracket here:

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  1. The Smash World Tour Championship is still live! Check it out here: "http://www.twitch.tv/vgbootcamp"

  2. SomeoneWeird 2233

    I think this just proves how good elegant is at the Diddy matchup. Diddy is -1 for Luigi, but Elegant having secondaried the character for a while and knowing of his habits, he makes the matchup look a lot easier. Kiyarash did have some moments in this set though, I can’t discredit that, but the chimp prevailed.

  3. Camp fest

  4. you can control the barrels

  5. 4:25

  6. 4:26 yo did he just walk up, slowly, and down smash?

  7. Regular Original

    I love that patient play. I think he should do that more often even, not just against characters he's afraid to get one-combo'd by. Tweek tends to lose when he goes in too hard in games he's losing.

  8. MaxPogFrog Speedruns

    that beginning audio is atrocious lmao

  9. I mean Tweek typically plays against a better Luigi so…

  10. If I was playing in a world tournament and 3:053:11 happened to me, I would be so pissed

  11. PawanDeeP Bhullar