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Gangtok Lachung Tour
3 Nights and 4 Days North Sikkim Tour
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The North Sikkim is a district of Indian State Sikkim has many places which are some of the most popular tourist attractions of the country. However, a large part of North Sikkim is restricted to travellers because these areas share a sensitive border with the People’s Republic of China. The areas accessible to the common travellers gained immense popularity due to scenic beauty and stunning views of majestic Himalayan mountain range. Here is a short 3 Nights and 4 days tour plan of Gangtok and Lachung, one of the pristine tourist spots of north Sikkim.

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  6. Without Nathula pass , tsomgo lake and baba harbhajan singh temple , Gangtok tour looks incomplete

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    it takes 6 hrs to reach lachung
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  17. You haven't mentioned on day 4 in how much time you reached station or bagdogra air port

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