'Shocker' – Mark Butcher criticises England for Pakistan tour cancellation

Speaking on the Wisden Cricket Weekly Podcast, former England batsman Mark Butcher criticised England for pulling out of the proposed tour of Pakistan in October 2021. Butcher was also critical of the prospect of England players turning down the opportunity to tour Australia this winter for the Ashes.

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  1. International Olympic Committee. Tokyo 2021 participating countries DURING PANDEMIC 206 countries.

    No politics involved ✔️

    FIFA world cup Football.
    Rusia 2018 participating FIFA members competed for knockout finals 209 countries.

    No politics involved ✔️

    ICC world Cricket ???
    England 2019 after 44 years of world cup cricket participating countries ONLY 10 countries.

    Failure to reach the rest of the world/globe. Your not really a proper world cup status are you?

    This is what happens when politicians get involved in sports.

    England government advised England in 2013 boycott Zimbabwe.

    Indian government advised India boycott Pakistan.

    Well, Pakistan now it's your turn.

  2. Icb is WRONG

  3. England n icb is guilty

  4. Disgraceful

  5. It was time for IPL.

  6. What a honest statement we should salute your comments despite Indian dominance who have messed up the game by making this a business more than a game

  7. Watch the Pakistan news they have the entire story of what happened!! We don't need the 5 eye to tell us anything Pakistan has the best intelligence service In the world.

  8. Butcher loves butchers..

  9. All the sensible people criticizing the cancellations only Hindutva indians happy

  10. Mark butcher is a legend.

  11. Sir you said everything right

  12. England cricket board screwed up badly..you messed with wrong team 😳 pay up time .

  13. The real story came out today india yet again has been caught red handed 😞 😊

  14. nature meditation

    butcher trying to toe the holier than thou line on the issue here! or he is super naive

  15. ICC should ban terrorists heaven parkistan from cricket.

  16. Pakistan deserves this .

  17. Good to see Yes Rana happy 😉

  18. Thanks sir u speak for cricket. It is not about Pakistan r any other country. As cricket lovers we want to c cricket grows

  19. Yas Rana ki gaand jali 🤣🤣🤣

  20. Pakistanis and the joker prime minister should have thought before supporting the terrorist Taliban. The joker imran wants to push terrorism all around the globe and earn money through cricket.

  21. This Wisden employee Yas Rana of Pakistani origin will be crying for many months to come.

  22. Too many Indian laughing on 2 series cancelled.but what I see a tournament will be history in future.

  23. Butcher is a top block

  24. Me first pin plz ☺️

  25. Nice 👍 my dear friend 😊😊😍