BEST EURO TOUR MATCH EVER? | Van Gerwen v Anderson | 2015 German Darts Championship

Is this the best European Tour match ever? Watch this classic between Van Gerwen and Anderson from the 2015 German Darts Championship!

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  1. MVG on fire 🔥🎯🔥

  2. Crowd full of drunken Yobbos.

  3. Nicholas Lincoln


  4. Wish dan Dawson would fuck off

  5. Harbinger Of Boom

    U must admit…the Commentators make this dart games so pleasing

  6. Thor Christensen

    This is a remarkable game but I can't call it the best. IMO for a match to be considered the best, it has to have standard as well as drama. The standard is well above and beyond here, but there is no drama.

  7. This dartboard looks horrible!

  8. Just about every seeded player in the BDO would have had to arrive with their A game, to even stand a chance to compete with these two players.

    That was punishing darts, that few players could equal

  9. Anderson wright van gerwen Taylor Barneveld is the best dartplayers on the world

  10. I appreciate the sportsmanship here.

  11. HUI

  12. I hope Gary can return to form if only to push MvG to his best again

  13. Anderson 👍

  14. Best Eurotour match ever 100%

  15. I love the way Gary always sees defeat as a nice part of the game, a true gentleman!

  16. Einfach nur geisteskrank

  17. Michael and Gary on there day . Phenomenal players

  18. I got to 41 once after 9 darts –

    and then I realised I still had 460 points more to get.

  19. Best darts match I’ve seen between these two players

  20. I think if it wasn't a Euro tour event and it was first to 21 legs or something it could have been even better than the Power vs Lewis match

  21. At the point mvg breaks Anderson he literally smashed him out of the board

  22. Not for me. The best matches are the ones that go down to the wire, where one missed dart makes all the difference between choosing a winner. The averages were outstanding, but this is short format and to be expected out of those two. This was a squash match if ever I saw one. Great darts, not so great match.

  23. Amazing A The Dreamer

    So Dan Dawson had cracking reactions back in 2015 too, huh? No wonder I've fallen head over heels for his commentary. Hehehehe. He wasn't wrong about MVG's 81 checkout to win the third leg.

  24. The 149 set-up shot from MvG is poetry in motion.

  25. Hey pdc can you please add more information about the matches in the description? For example the date of the match, averages, name of the referee etc would be great

  26. Fantasy Premier League Updates & Tips

    You got to love the darts ❤️❤️

  27. WiFi connection good enough to upload this game

  28. Jeffrey Anderson

    MVG was definitely in beast mode 🙂

  29. 8 legs In 11 mins is unreal

  30. Hoang Minh Nguyen

    With this winning legs margin, this is one of the most boring matches in Euro Tour.

  31. Vannnnnnnnnn Gerwen

  32. Easy answer: YES
    Look at those numbers, 5 of MvGs 6 legs were done with 12 throws or less.
    It further shows when MvG is on fire, nobody can cope with him over a longer distance.
    Stunning quality.

  33. The caller looks like Kirk Bevins without glasses 😁

  34. Many times Ton80 😂🎯

  35. Ulysses S. Grant

    RIP Anderson’s Wi-Fi connection

  36. Amazing match