Tour of a Rainbow Gathering: Hippie Festival in the Woods

My awesome experience at the 2014 annual United States Rainbow Gathering in Utah, in the beautiful Uinta national forest.
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Tour of a Rainbow Gathering: Hippie Festival in the Woods

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  1. On the surface, everything is wonderful. Then you realize these people are more pretentious than Republicans at their convention.

  2. I loved it there brother

  3. Look! Not one head looking down at a cell phone. 😊

  4. Split pea soup.. from the Great Circle🤣


  6. I heard after the gatherings there is so much trash

  7. Pathetic and sad, just a bunch of Christ denying drug addicts and bums who don't want to work or have responsibility in their lives! sad

  8. I wanna be here!

  9. Hi Gabriel, not sure if you read posts on your old videos but anyways, a few weeks ago I finished a book called "Naked in the Woods" by Margaret Grundstein, where she talks about her experiences in a hippie commune.

    Since then I've been reading about the 60''s, the whole hippie culture in the US and I recently came across these "rainbow gatherings". I'd never heard of them before (I'm not from the US).

    Then I came here to YT and did a search for it and … lo and behold, this video was right on the first page. That's so awesome! I've been a subscriber of this channel for a few years now and it was really great to know that you made a video about this. Cool. Cheers!

  10. it's not a festival 😉

  11. Junior Chaves o Picasso de Yahushua

    Hippies are the Rainbow Tribe of the Hopi prophecy

  12. Scum real scum bags

  13. 2014 💟☮️

  14. how does somone learn about these gatherings?

  15. 'People are kinda skittish about cameras at rainbow gatherings'…..sticks camera in teepee……bahahaha

  16. freeway forfree

    Whats a rainbow festival?

  17. Nice prime shady spot, that is priceless when you are roughing it

  18. Tera Mangala Meditation Music - Ambient music

    There are spiritual guardians at all the transitional places in our mysterious multidimensional Universes. The precious sacred souls of animals are created to beautifully traverse these regions when their bodies are no more upon the Earth.

  19. Daytona Says What?!

    Seeing the children at these things just breaks my heart.

  20. the family was at a yasgur 39 yr reunion, that year I attended the festival. By the second day I was brought hungover and very hungry. the rainbow family had a kitchen set up. I was told they was R.F.. They welcomed me into their camp by invitation of a friend of mine "KEMO", they fed me and was very kind to me….

  21. Anyone heading to or at Ocala

  22. Looks like a creepy cult when they're all side by side holding hands..

  23. hippie forever

  24. Dear Gab, I do hope this finds you very well. I'm very interested in being part of the Rainbow Family and gatherings. Any idea where I should turn to for information, see schedules for upcoming gatherings in the US? Looking forward to hearing from you. Big brotherly hug, Zeke!

  25. Bunch of idiots trying to act so cool, it hurts.

  26. 1:15 – Wheeling in the buckets of Acid

  27. looks like a gas

  28. I went to the 93 gathering in Kentucky, was a lot of people there. Met a guy named Forest, gave him and his little camp some deer meat. Met another gentlemen named Gabriel. He was an older character, had a white beard. Would talk in parables about the bible and then blow a trumpet at 3:30 in the A.M. this got him some unwanted attention from people trying to sleep lol.

  29. Howdy, Folks! Directions to the 2019 gathering site have been announced.
    From Iron River, Wisconsin,
    Take “A” South for roughly 8.5 miles; 
    Take a left onto West Delta Rd (also known as FS Rd. 231)
    Go 2 miles and turn left onto Musky Lake Rd. (FS Rd. 411)
    Go 1 mile, turn right on Canthook Rd. (FS Rd. 412)
    Look for parking options within the next three miles. Remember to park with all four wheels completely off the road.
    For possibly more up to date info, try the Lightline at 651-356-8842
    Drive safely, and Welcome Home!
    Please consider bringing your own water filter to help support water independence.
    Welcome Home!