Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship Tour and Review : Best Cruise Ship In The World?

Take a look inside Silversea Silver Muse Cruise Ship. A full ship tour and review to find out of this is the best cruise ship in the world. This 596 passenger (410 crew) cruise ship entered service in April 2017 and this video and tour was made on a shakedown cruise before the ship was even officially named. I tour all the suites, all the restaurants, all the bars and lounges and all the facilities in the video.

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  1. I’ve been looking at Silversea and Seabourn, I really liked Seabourn but then saw a vlog on it that made me think twice. In seeing your vlog, I’m actually not sure I’d feel the product is all that much better than Princess.

  2. What ceuises have swing dancing in the early/late evening?

  3. 💠ipoN_CorNer💠

    can you bring me sonetime.

  4. Caroline Mc Carthy

    Fabulous and informative video. Many thanks.

  5. katherine jane alcala

    This comment kinda late, but I really appreciate your videos. These doesn't only help travelers but also for tourism students like me☺️

  6. Thank you-I plan to take a cruise in a couple of years😊

  7. It's very beige! I would love to try it though:)

  8. Lee's Travel 1999

    Travelling on this ship in March. Thanks for the tour!

  9. Wow! I’d love to travel on silver muse. I’ve just been on silver shadow and absolutely loved it. Amazing staff, service, food. Delightful!

  10. Ambient Walking

    Thank you for this review! Happy for all the tips!

  11. How big is the ship? Number of passengers?

  12. Evelyn Williams

    I agree the ship looks magnificent! I've never heard of them before so I'm a little hesitant, but I'll do more research. Thanks for the video!

  13. Maurie Shakespeare

    Gary how does is compare to Seven Seas Explorer? Would be keen for a comparison.

  14. Excellent information. We are booked on Silver Muse in a few months and it’s our first cruise. Great to see all the venues and restaurants.

  15. If you feel a bit 'Peckish"???

  16. I went in to look at Silversea ships and there you were. I so enjoy listening to you talk and tell about the cruise ships. As I remember from the past, these cruises are a bit pricey and do not leave from the East coast at all. What a beautiful ship and I truly wish I could go on it. Maybe in my next life. HA HA!!!!!!


    This was our first cruise and we spent approximately $18,000 for two people in the Veranda Suite – flight included from SFO, (stayed in Room 903) and we thought the ship was gorgeous! We enjoyed the Butler service! The ship was clean and well appointed.

    The staff seemed to be on month 7 of their 9 month contract (so if you asked they'd tell you they were missing home), however, I thought the service was pretty good from most of the staff.

    FOOD NOT GOOD! I was really surprised that the food was so bad! The first dinner we ate at The Grill, the salad was fresh and the steak was the worst I've ever eaten. Then we got grilled prawns and they were mushy and disgusting. I returned them and the waiter told us that all the shrimp were frozen (obviously freezer burnt shrimp), NOT WHAT YOU EXPECT FROM AN ULTRA LUXURY CRUISE! Unfortunately, the food that was prepared and served was honestly terrible! We ate at all the restaurants including Kaiseki (aweful and precooked seafood) and La Dame (was just okay) don't bother with them, they are not worth the extra money for sure! We spoke with other guest on the ship and they too thought the food at the restaurants was terrible. Room service is not great either. The only thing that was good was the lunch buffet…where you pick what you want (and you can create your own salad, etc.)

    Fortunately, the accommodations were priority to me and we enjoyed visiting the various cities on our cruise. If food is important to you then this is not the ship I'd sail upon.

    THE POOL: Too many children and the water seemed to have a high concentration of salty water – quite disgusting. We only tried it once and that was enough of a turn off!

    Next time I'll do better research (there are many reviews showing that the food is terrible on Cruise Critic) and unfortunately I didn't see them or I would not have selected Silversea!

  18. William Valiant

    The wife and I have been Crystal Cruise enthusiasts for quite a while but we are looking forward to giving Silverseas a go. Thank you for the video and perhaps more high-end lines are in the works?

  19. Your Video was very informative and you covered all the areas and aspects related to a cruise ship. I am a Cruise Agent & this video will be very handy to share with my guests to encourage them to take the Silver Seas Cruise. I will be sharing your Video with them. Thanks

  20. Ethan Fehrenbaker

    Sounds awesome! I’m so excited to get on this ship

  21. Yes, yes, yes!!! BUT, (I wish there wasn't one)…"lots of children is not exciting. Sorry.

  22. Bland, boring, insipid, simple as a Scandinavian ferry.

  23. joey jojoshabado

    Good video. We are planning a Mediterranean cruise this fall. Recommend Silversea of Regent?