Cunard Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship Tour and Review

Come on my Cunard Queen Elizabeth Cruise Ship Tour and Review as I look at all the public areas, bars, restaurants, fitness, pools, entertainment and other facilities in this art-deco inspired ship.

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  1. Just spent a couple grand to on my dogs health – remove fox tails, ear infection, flea protection, and teeth cleaning. No hopes of a cruise in sight. … but that’s OK cuz I have love.

  2. I fear i seen this to late its amazing and breath taking.

  3. What a beautiful and straightforward overview of this magnificent ship. I used to think it was just another Vista Class cruise ship until experiencing it for myself on a ship visit the last time she came to Los Angeles! She smells of fine linen and scented soap. And what a sleepy, dreamy atmosphere.

  4. very very elegant . but my favorite is Queen Mary 2 🙂

  5. Just saw her in Vancouver today, at the dock.

  6. The ship is a beaut. Thank you for the pure and elegant tour. Plan on boarding the ship when she comes to Los Angeles on July 5 and hope to get some good footage as well.

  7. I went on the queen Elizabeth this year from Fremantle to Melbourne and it was such a great experience. The staff in the lido, restaurants and kids club were amazing. There’s so much on there everyday. The variety of food is endless aswell.

  8. Cecil Carmine Leuenberger Jueco

    my eldest son works there for 5 years now.

  9. A little to reserved & upmarket for my taste. I’m afraid if Cunard doesn’t change its image it’s going to lose out, as its clientele is a dying breed

  10. This is one of the 2 ships that are open for tours. The other ship is the SS Rotterdam

  11. Daniel O’Donnell Songs

    My dream I would love to go on one of these ships and see what it’s like

  12. How would you compare the quality food, comforts, and service of Cunard, compared to Holland America? I noticed that Cunard is extremely reasonable on reposition cruises, not much different than mass market. Celebrity is getting a little odd with entertainment Edge, and squeezing cabins into the common areas of their older fleet, as well as reducing closet space. Not entirely a deal breaker, but we may soon look elsewhere for longer cruises.

  13. Stunning ship. But….my husband and I are "active cruisers" and I think we would end up bored??? The ship is beautiful beyond words!!!

  14. Oceanside Affirmations



  16. Christopher Smith

    Imagine seeing James Bond on that ship.

  17. It would be great if Cunard/White Star made a liner styled after the Edwardian Era (I think that's the term) liners. With multiple runners, fairly low profile by modern day standards, fixed props, the interior decor, promenade decks, the stuff that made the old liners so cool

  18. Beautiful ship 🙂 She is in my country now in west France for 12 days 🙂 and we will fix things on it 🙂 Marvelous one 🙂

  19. You know this is haunted? 😬😶

  20. I thought the ship was retired though

  21. Ugly!

  22. Stunning, did you know Britney Spears shot her Fantasy Twist commercial on board in 2012? #funfact

  23. Queen Elizabeth is simply divine, I had a wonderful time on board last year. You didn't mention Churchill's Smoking Room 😉 Absolutely no cigarettes to be smoked there. Are the snacks in Café Carinthia an additional charge like the premium coffees, teas and alcoholic beverages?

  24. Not my kind of holiday

  25. It’s a floating palace.

  26. What a gorgeous queen ship

  27. Am I the only one who notices the disinfecting dispensers everywhere? Wouldn't want a gastro outbreak on a Cunard

  28. Thumnail is Young Do(island) cruse terminal & merchant marine university of Busan Korea.

  29. I have just come back home from this cruise. was very nice indeed 🙂 we went to the canary islands.

  30. Great video! Can a Cunard balcony cabin hold three people? Thanks!

  31. did anyone elses teacher make them watch this video?

  32. This dream ship

  33. Capricious Capricorn

    Whoohoo! Booked on this ship for February '18 cruise from San Francisco to Sydney. And you know what? Last time I was on a ship was in 1965 on the original P&O Oriana on a similar itinerary. My family's room had a porthole and bunk beds. Sis and I have a balcony booked on the QE. It's gonna be different!

  34. SUPERMAN from METROPOLIS. Verified

    the (piano)music in the background knocks this otherwise superb video down to less than zero. why do so many accept fact being taken away from us by disturbing music everywhere??? Here would sounds from the ship have been wonderful. but instead we get stupid music instead. like everywhere. taking toll and taking information away from us, and leaving your work worthless.

  35. Thank you for the over view, my wife and I sail very soon and this has helped us as we have never sailed before.  Really looking forward to it.

  36. Looking forward to seeing it all in July

  37. looks like a floating apartment to me

  38. Thank you for sharing. It's certainly not my choice of ship

  39. this ship was made in Italy.
    Awesome and beautiful.