OUR MOROCCAN HOUSE TOUR : Traveling Family of 11

We’ve been traveling as a family for nearly 2 years and looking forward to Morocco pretty much the whole time. We are finally here and in the most amazing house in the ancient medina of Fez.
Come tour our house and catch a glimpse of life in Morocco!

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  1. She wants a sta7 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you know you are moroccan when you can’t live without a sta7 😜😜

  2. Astrid Helene Lewis

    Love you channel. Love to be alle to travel with you. So amazing. Some of the places you have i can relate to, sinne i have also been there… Now is the Covid19 and I really do not have the money to travel and my husband do not really want to travel everywere. But slowly i sm working on my doTerra business…

  3. The year 1354 in the Islamic calendar is around the 1950s on the western calendar.

  4. Habibi Kebab the III

    It isn't sabbath it's Friday prayers

  5. I was always fascinated by Morocco but this video changed that . The house kind of seems dead and spooky , the whole area looks very congested and claustrophobic .

  6. My Claustrophobia kicked in

  7. Redheaded Heathen

    That town is dirty looking

  8. دوله مغرب عربيه 🇲🇦♥️

  9. MastoorA Beauty MA

    If you are looking for authentic bohemian home decor check out our website mastoora shop

  10. simply beautiful, but may mercy be with you if you broke a leg.

  11. We have similar designs to riads with Mughal houses. Just More square.

  12. Reminder of d golden era for us. Ya Allah madad. Free us from enslavery thru debts n parasites,

  13. Absolutely gorgeous and the drone footage is amazing. Thanks for sharing

  14. She doesn't look happy in the video!

  15. So magical

  16. wow! loved those drone shots!

  17. excuse me, to my surprise your comment about "the islam Sabbath" was a a complete shock. Please inform yourself about the importants of Friday is for the relegon islam, and Sabbath for the jews.

  18. I feel like you are wrong for doing the Drone shots I appreciate you showing us the house and all but is a Muslim woman if someone videotaped me without permission when I'm on my route up I will be really upset everything else was good until that I thought drones were allowed there either way

  19. Fantastic video depicting the life in Morocco, the sights, the homes, everything.

    I can’t imagine the experiences your kids are getting. How lucky they are.

    Is there a way you could give us an idea how much it costs for you to stay there for 6 days? Also, what is there to do to spend the time?

  20. How much are the rooms in American Dollars?

  21. Ow my god Memoriesss i remember walking there in that same street 😍😍😍 i fell inloveeee whith Marocco ❤️ but after dark don’t go into the medina !!!! It’s Sooo Dangerous 😱👀 I don’t know what would have happened if we turned that last corner robbed rapped killed …….. thank god Alarms went off in my head and said turn Around and run back upstairs !!!!!

  22. Fez is the spiritual and religious capital of Morocco.

  23. Lawrence Stanley

    As an architect, I LOVE the architecture, but as a Christian, if I were living there, hearing their call to prayer, I would have to go out street preaching. That area is what an evangelist would call a target-rich environment.

  24. Drone shot over the roof’s..what awesome big pictures they would make for your home…..great drone work.

  25. That Drone shot is breath taking!

  26. ive a question that why these beautiful houses are cramped into a tiny space without any land for each house as this is a very beautiful place if it would be with airy space then it would be too good


    a lot of stairs…….. problem

  28. Hey
    It looks an amazing place
    Lucky you indeed..

  29. Jilali Akchiwen

    I have a business that do like that and more .if some one want to build a home in morocco can contact me.

  30. If you want you can visit Tunisia in summer it's so gorgeous

  31. I stumbled across this video while studying ancient Roman houses. I wanted to find out if windows were glazed or if they had shutters since no ancient artefacts exist that are made of glass. But that is understandable. It probably did exist and they used it sparingly since it's a fragile material. I was led to Moroccan house design that has given me an incredible insight into how ancient roman houses functioned with windowless rooms placed all around a central atrium so that in effect glass wasn't needed except for ornamental stained coloured glass as such is seen around Windows and doorways coming off central private courtyard atriums. And I now understand how ancient roman town planning worked with residences butted up next to each other. This an economical and efficient way of building for the plebeian class who still had a reasonably good standard of living. So thank you for your tour.

  32. Morocco is truly a magical place. I miss it every day.

  33. Karatheya Roxan

    (catching up on some of your older videos) I love your necklace!

  34. Drones are illegal in Morocco.

  35. that home is so beautiful

  36. why have us as humans become so lazy and boring. At least in North America we have. Look at all the beauty and passion put into the work they did 100s of years ago. Its beautiful and detailed and shows the pride and love they had for whatt they did. Your family is so blessed to experience this and We are blessed that you share this with us. God Bless

  37. How long have you stayed there?

  38. I was so nerves that the child up in the roof .it so dangerous. Morocco they don't have health and safety

  39. If this doesn't give you the travel bug, then nothing will! The house and city are so beautiful! I loved your one child running in to the rooms ahead of you and somersaulting onto the couches/beds! What amazing experiences for them!

  40. Those drone views are amazing.
    You got lucky that you get your drone into the country,normally they don't allow drones.

  41. Carmem Alves Dias

    Gratidão! Família linda. Parabéns!

  42. Amazing. Beautiful tile work.I love the way the children come along for the tour. Lots of love there. The roof top shots are absolutely amazing. Soaking up all of that Vit D. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  43. Among those old houses you find AL QARAWIYIN university The oldest university in the world Founded in 859 . 300 years before Oxford University.

  44. Those drone shots were amazing