Lost and Hungry: WORLD TOUR!

Welcome to #LostandHungry!

SORTEDfood is going on a world tour to discover the best food as suggested by you! We literally can’t go anyway or eat anything without your say so… we need your help!

We’re starting the tour in the USA and our first stop is L.A.. So tell us what food we can’t miss out on whilst there…

– What’s L.A. best known for?
– What delicacies should we keep an eye out for?
– Which ingredients are iconic in the area?
– What dishes should we expect to try?

Check out loads more information about the tour here:

And make sure you check back daily as we reveal more stuff throughout the week.

HUNGRY FOR MORE? Share your own recipes and photos of your cooking triumphs (and disasters) at or get the app here:

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Website cheaptravel24h.com cung cấp tới bạn đọc các thông tin tổng hợp về du lịch trong & ngoài nước.

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  1. Baz got stranded with the one fruit he's allergic to… lolz

  2. Not really a World Tour, more like a tour of the US sponsored by NBCs Today Show. A bit like the World Series where only American teams compete except with British blokes.

  3. Justanotherotaku

    I do hope Barry never ate that pineapple…

  4. yall need to do this again!

  5. Домовый Сыч

    Комментарий на русском.
    Неожиданно, не правда ли?

  6. Lucky I just discovered this your 5years later😣

  7. It made me nostalgic for Hamish and Andy's pants off friday. 📻

  8. This video is even better in slow motion 😉

  9. from what i understood it was more of an USA and not any other country tour?

  10. never have I ever seen Ben in the most awkward situation ever (drink up kids)

  11. …you should have made a video based on that recipe…

  12. this was two years ago and im still offended you didn't go to Boston

  13. New Jersey – Rutgers University – Fat Sandwiches

  14. Sortedfood #LostaAndHungry in scandinavia.

  15. Plz go to Ho Chi Minh city at Vietnam

  16. Would love to host you guys if you ever want to visit Pakistan in your #LostandHungry World Tour! There's so much amazing food to experience in this part of the world 🙂

  17. Maaike van Megen

    please come to the netherlands, amsterdam!!!!

  18. BCD Tofu House in Cerritos (not quite LA, but really close). The tofu soon (aka tofu soup) comes with rice (which you spoon into an extra bowl they give you, so that they fill the first bowl with buckwheat tea to make a porridge you eat after the meal), kimchi (and other pickled veggies), a fried fish, and a raw egg to crack into the soup. I definitely recommend the seafood or vegetarian soon.

  19. come to denmark and eat some maked totatoes

  20. TAIWAN❤❤❤

  21. Kristine Meihack

    com toNorwey

  22. Anabelle Delos Reyes

    Go in the Filipins🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  23. K erala, India. Ghee dosa with sambar or chutney. Or Chicken chili

  24. Philippines!

  25. Mike what the hell is that run?

  26. Jamie is MAD about Beef Rendang, is he not? Well then please do come to Indonesia where even 1 whole year isn't enough to explore this country's cuisine! 😀

  27. Does this series still continues?

  28. Span

  29. Through the mira

    I really hope that you guys get to go on another lost and hungry tour. Australia should be your next destination, so many people don't realise how multi-cultural Australian food really is. We have some of the best producers in the world, the best fine dining, amazing cafe culture! There is no place like it that has such diversity. I loved the American tour and I really hope you guys get to do another one soon!