NEW MAP “GREENWICH VALLEY”- Farming Simulator 19 PS4 MAP TOUR. New to Console! Modhub. Map by: GreenBale. What does it look like? are the sell points? What features stand out? What do you start with on New Farmer? All these questions and more, answered with me… MrSealyp.

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  1. Love this map

  2. I’m a Yankee, live in Texas, but I love the European maps. I’m the same way with Truck Sim and enjoy Euro more than American. As for the farming, it’s more picturesque and fields are generally smaller and easier to deal with for the single player. I’m gonna give this one a go, it’s between this and Ravensport.

  3. Karen took the Kids

    Still the best map in the game

  4. Great map very realistic. But I like British/irish maps anyway

  5. Which geo should I use for this map?

  6. Do they really have toilet signs?

  7. cant find the map. I bought farm sim 19 on steam a year ago, and never used it, because Im a Brit, not an american citizen, so they are irrelevant to me, £29.99 , and no English farm and cant even find an add on for it on steam page?

  8. Definitely one of the best maps and a pleasure to play. The biggest problem is the fields, its easy enough to work yourself, however the AI or the helper tends to miss a lot of the field out. This ends up that you have to go back over what the helper has done to complete the job. However its worth every minute to play on this map.

  9. Stalwart Shinobi

    Brilliant map just annoys me how narrow roads and field edges are, i mean you can always overtake a tractor on a country road but here tractors take up the whole pissing road!

  10. The store is like impossible to bring things out of! I hate it! A couple of the tractors are too wide to even fit out of the gate at the store. It’s brutal.

  11. Where is the chicken coop?

  12. Do you have a server?

  13. This is the PC version of the map, I have it on console and it doesn't look like this

  14. One thing has anyone noticed that he does not indicate when he turns

  15. British maps need cars and trucks with the steering wheel on the correct side 👍😂

  16. Wow those farm buildings!
    I wish they were purchaseable and placeable so they could be used in other maps .
    I've been struggling trying to Brit-look quite a few of the German and French mid buildings ( skinning? ) with minimal success
    ( personal use only offline of course ).
    I find the greens too bright and many buildings with red steekwork, the red is quite flat and unrealistic looking.
    This map looks great so I'm off to download it now

  17. Too much grass fields :/ and fences at some fields block access to 9m to 12m :/ and larger machineries

  18. I dont mind Gates i like gate on online servers it keeps unwanted people off

  19. See when you buy tractors equipment at store how can you reset them to you’re farm instead of carting everything to it ?

  20. does anybody else have the game randomly freeze while playing? Yesterday it froze twice while playing (I was driving) and today while it was loading the game.

  21. awesome map its great to see more maps being made for fs19 one thing i did notice was on field 33 which is one of the fields you start with on new farmer mode is that you can drive right through the power poles i dont know if anyone pointed this out before but i just thought id let someone know. great channel by the way mrsealyp