In this video, I am going to share my wonderful experience of my tour of the Succulent Gardens in Monterey Bay California! I saw so many creative ideas I would like to do for my garden. So sit back and watch the tour and all the different succulents I drooled over!

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  1. Awww. Glad this came up on my recommended. I grew up all around that area, spent a lot of time at this nursery growing up. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. For visitors that is Castroville Ca. There is no town called Monterey Bay, cuz it is filled with water…

  3. marvin Gamboa Salas

    De donde son

  4. Did anyone ask the soil mix they use?

  5. My Garden Secrets in Africa


  6. My Garden Secrets in Africa

    You must be enjoying touring all these beautiful places ..😄❤❤🌺🌱🌱🤝

  7. How much are the 2inch succulents?

  8. Beautiful

  9. Juilette Franier

    Can't wait to visit Succulent Gardens on my next California trip! I hope to be a part of your wonderful tour!

  10. Phialin Fernandez

    WHO GREW THEM? I bet you the Mexicans do and did! They have good green thumbs.

  11. Korinne McChesney

    Wow 🤩 Thank you for sharing the tour!

  12. Just 10 miles away in Watsonville, Calif u might also drop in on Baja Cactus & Succulents, somewhat less open to the public, but they're super nice, there. It's yuuuuuuuge, like Succulent Gardens (where I have been many times), cheaper, and simply amazing. The entrance on the street is not well marked, however, and the number on the fence out front does not say, "907", it says 97, for some reason. They are the enclosed farm down that driveway, on the right near the end. SUPER recommended..!

  13. Elvira McDonald

    Next time if you are making a video,please make it slow you make me 😵

  14. It's actually Castroville Calif. near Monterey.

  15. O.M.g is they have a entrance fee to get it that place?

  16. I love this video. Succulent Heaven love 💘

  17. Thank you for that video

  18. If you like cacti you need to check out Poot’s Cactus on hwy 120 going towards Sonora Ca. Great succulents too!

  19. This is awesome. I would be in succulent heaven walking through those greenhouses. So many I never get to see here in the East coast. Thank you so much for sharing! I enjoyed getting to see everything. 🙂😍

  20. Holy cow — what a bunch of cool plants! I have one Sedum adolphi on my windowsill….so, it will be awhile until I catch up to them. I did have to laugh a little when they talked about the 'Cold' 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  21. Video is too fast couldn't appreciate the beauty of the Suculents 🙁

  22. Interesting. But would have liked to see the plants!

  23. Senecio Strings of pearls. I bought theirs last month during their annual extravaganza. The variegated pearls are gorgeous however be careful, a squirrel was sitting in my pot eating them. My neighbor shooed it away. Thank God, I still have some plants left. I notice there are many new babies coming from the nods. Great place to get your plants. Expensive but worth it. I paid $27 for my Senecio variegated.

  24. catherine saulnier


  25. It was wonderful. I so enjoyed it, beautiful plants

  26. I wish you would have shown the plants, you just panned through it fast. Looks like a great place!

  27. Kymberly Sedillos

    You move way to fast. You couldn’t even focus on anything before you moved onto something else. So not enjoyable. 😏

  28. Thanks so much for sharing!

  29. Krystal Everett

    What a magical place! I would leave broke! lol

  30. That is magical succulent garden. Simply gorgeous! This was a definite treat for this New Yorker watching this video. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a blessed day. 😊

  31. Wow thank you for the tour!! They have an amazing amount to choose from. I live two hours away but this would be so worth it

  32. I personally think Aeoniums aren't that pretty

  33. El paraíso de las suculentas

  34. Video is too fast. Gets me dizzy. Nice plants though.

  35. Hardinerong Mangyan

    Are Filipina?

  36. ❤️thanks

  37. Dhanwantee Rampersad

    Beautiful.Thanks for the tour.

  38. Retro Ray's Succulents

    Love your channel,shout out from Toronto Canada!

  39. Oh my GOD! I love 🌾

  40. Mishelle Walker

    WOW! Love this tour! So lucky to have this place near you. I miss Cali ♡

  41. Thank you for sharing your video and I wish I was there. I truly enjoyed the tour.

  42. Hi, What an interesting tour I could watch this over and over thanks. ☺

  43. This was very fun to watch. Thanks for recording and sharing the tour. 🙂

  44. Unbelievable succulent paradise😍

  45. how do they find enough to sell if the succulents take years to get to a decent size?