Nick Light On The Responsibilities of a Tour Manager

In this clip from – Nick Light is SVP of artists development with Sony Music and former VP of Artist Development and Touring at Warner Brothers Records. He talks about what it takes to be a good tour manager. Nick states that the main objective of a tour manager is to be organized and keep the band on track by completing everything on time. He also goes over different styles of being a tour manager and makes the point that a tour manager doesn’t necessarily have to have a musical background.

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  1. I agree with some of what you said. Its the bus drivers job to get them to the town on time. And we the driver and tm are just high dollar babysitter. And i agree 1000000% a GREAT TM can make a tour great or can make it that you want another tour !

  2. where we can found tour manger

  3. Nick Light is one of the greatest references in music and touring industry and he has all my respect. But I have to disagree with him on some parts regarding being a musician and a tour manager.  Many musicians never wanted to be a superstar.   
    In my case (long story short) I did study music to understand the ‘’mathematics’’ behind the feeling. 

    I work in music and entertainment and I think when everyone knows what they have to do and respect everyone else roles and collaborate to help others succeed,  then you got the harmony in touring crew.

  4. Now a days the trends for Tourism and hospitality is quite improved then ever , people are travelling more and more so the requirement for a TOUR MANAGER is on demand now a days ,who will be managing the hole trip and make it memorable .
    Tourism Industry is one of the world largest industry and most of the countries have adopted the policy of Sustainable Tourism Development for their economical and social enhancement…Thailand , Macau, Mauritius etc. are some of the well known example for the promotion of their Tourism recourses/destinations.

  5. What a great guy!

  6. Thanks a lot for this short video. I thought studying finance and not having any musical skill wouldn´t lead me anywhere near tour managing.

  7. If I'm majoring in communication and media studies and doing a minor in business administration, can I become a tour manager or can I only become a tour publicist?

  8. How can I contact Nick? I'm going back to school after realizing culinary isn't for me, and going for event/entertainment management. Is there anyway i can gain experience during the summers/now? Pretty much when I'm not in school? Join a band on tour and learn from their tour manager?

  9. Very informative for an aspiring tour manager like myself!

  10. imstill notusingmyname

    i'd actually argue against 1:40 argument. yes, you might get the wnb-rockstar with a big head, but you might actually get the retired rocker who actually knows the ropes more than you do. they have done it all before anyway so they have an insight on how thigns really do point poopooing musicians, even though some can be very silly 😛

  11. ArtistsHouseMusic

    @HG2013 Our pleasure!