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LUXURY HOTEL ROOM TOUR TIME! This was our honeymoon destination: The Maldives. In this video, we share a Maldives Room Tour of our overwater bungalow. This bungalow is a luxury hotel room on the ocean, perfect for a once in a lifetime honeymoon travel destination. Looking for a romantic travel destination? Seeking travel ideas or looking for the best Maldives hotel? In this travel vlog, we take you inside our luxury room at one of the most stunning Maldives resorts. There are so many Maldives hotels to choose from, but if you’ve been wondering “where is the best place to go for a honeymoon?” look no further! This Maldives honeymoon has your name written all over it.


The Maldives in general is STUNNING. If you’re considering your next travels or are figuring out where to go for a honeymoon, look no further. This Maldives vlog shares our tourism experience and allows you to travel to Maldives without getting off your couch!


This was our room at Huvafen Fushi ( in The Maldives (this was not sponsored or comped…I just couldn’t resist sharing this hotel room tour with you because this Maldives bungalow was so beautiful!). I have always dreamt of staying in an over-water bungalow… when it came time for me and Michael to be honeymooners, we were looking at a Maldives travel guide all about Maldives tourism to see what would be the best Maldives vacation for us. There are so many honeymoon destinations to choose from, but we knew we wanted a few things:
– water villa (ocean bungalow)
– island life
– ocean

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We consider Bora Bora and a few other tropical island destinations, but as long as we had that overwater villa / overwater bungalow, some sunshine and each other, we knew that this honeymoon would feel like a luxury travel experience that we’d never forget.

Are you wondering which Maldives all inclusive resorts are the best to stay at? If you do enough research (or use a luxury travel expert), you’ll find:
– Maldives rooms on the water
– Maldives rooms with a slide
– Maldives rooms under the sea
– Maldives rooms overwater
– Maldives beach resort
– Maldives rooms with private pool
– Maldives best place to visit


Huvafen Fushi is a luxury hotel on its own private island in The Maldives. It’s about a 30-minute boat ride from main airport in Malé, and it’s completely MAGICAL. Huvafen Fushi actually means “dream island’ and that’s exactly what it is… a total dream Maldives island. ☁️

Some of the rooms are located on the island, but others are over-water bungalow rooms. We stayed in one of the over-water bungalows, which has been a dream of mine FOREVER! Come inside room 22 and take a look around 🙂

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I hope this travel video and honeymoon vlog gives you some travel tips, wanderlust and some honeymoon ideas for your next luxury travel experience! Enjoy the Lucie Fink Maldives Room Tour!

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  1. Mohamed M Al Kooheji

    Nice. Great Video. How many restaurants? is the food any good? Pool area with bar?

  2. Kricken the Kraken *

    That was amazing. Thanks!

  3. How were the amenities like food and drink? I know it’s not all-inclusive so did you spend a bunch at Huvafen Fushi on food & drink?

  4. If you don’t mind me asking, was the honeymoon package something y’all booked or did y’all just tell them that y’all were going there for a honeymoon? And did y’all book it on their website or off a travel website?

  5. Watching this has definitely made me out this on my bucket list! Thank u for sharing ❤️

  6. i can see few boats in front of your room.will it causes noise throughout your stay?

  7. How much was food on the island?

  8. I'm a bit late to this but FANTABIDOSI! Wow, wow, wow! Good for you guys. Love this so much, so inspiring and will be fuelling my visualizations from now on! :OD Thanks for sharing. ♡♡♡

  9. I just got back from our honeymoon in the Maldives and stayed in a similar villa. Watching this video from numbing cold Europe makes me feel so nostalgic. It was heaven on earth. Have fun, Lucie and Michael! I love your videos.

  10. insane!!! wow! so beautiful!!! its funny..I was thinking…of course its expensive- I would probably never BUT. think about what people spend on the WEDDING! ha..I would rather forget that cost, and spend it on this!! At least you are there a few days or a week..A $50, 000 wedding reception is over in 4-6 hours!! think about that newly weds!!! be smart with your money!!

  11. Am I the only one thinking of bella and edward’s honeymoon suite in twilight

  12. Thanks for the tour…. It looks so Awesome! Me and My Fiance plan on visiting there for Our honeymoon as well. Thanks So Much

  13. Athena Ashley Bates

    This is my dream honeymoon!!!

  14. Omg looks so beautiful! We’re planning our honeymoon for early 2021 and Maldives is definitely at the top of my list along with Greece & Seychelles 😍

  15. Friendly reminder that in the Maldives it's illegal to be gay.

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  25. Luxury at its best! Somewhere between the mighty sky and the pristine waters, Maldives has won the hearts that long for wanderlust. Wish I could go there someday

  26. I’m so happy for you but on the other hand, so sad you chose this island when you have so many more you could visit. you’re a woman of research and Maldives should be boycotted knowing what they do with tourism money.

  27. Me: want to travel to Europe next year
    Also me: nevermind I want to go there instead 😍

  28. The Maldives are a literal dream. That bathroom view is just wow!!

  29. This is on my bucket list and I even looked into it for my honeymoon a couple years ago, but couldn’t afford it at the time. Now that we have a baby on the way, it’ll have to wait longer, but I hope we can in the future! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Liked the old content before you were married. Thanks for sharing but not as interesting as you once were. You are still as cute as ever🙂

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    Edit: also, just curious, but did u guys book this whole trip individually (like you had to book a total of 2 trips to make your whole trip) or was it all together?

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  38. Thanks for the room tour! I so wish I was there NOW! It's in the 20's after about 3 inches of snow overnight here in Chicago. I so glad you and Michael had a great time!

  39. Kaitlin Alexandra

    What is the humidity like? What are the night temperatures like? Always wonder how hot I would be trying to sleep in open style place like this.