BEST SMALL GROUP TOUR IN ITALY. If you’re looking for the ultimate authentic tour in Italy with a small group you’ll end up calling family, then this is the tour for you. Each day of  Italy Unexplored in Abruzzo with Vincenzo’s Plate is full of incredible experiences, uncovering secret gems, eating  traditional food (and scrumptious vino!), unique landscapes and one of a kind details curated to give you the ultimate holiday. The region of Abruzzo is the greenest in Europe and also has a spectacular coastline so you’ll have the best of everything each and every day. What are you waiting for? Contact Vincenzo’s Plate and change the way you travel. Make it a trip like no other and join the family in Abruzzo.


Dreaming about heading to Italy but dreading crowds and tourist food?
Why not embark upon an intimate 100% authentic experience where you eat, drink and explore alongside the locals while seeing sights even wilder than your imagination?

Internationally renowned Italian food blogger and home cook Vincenzo’s Plate together with his family have created the best Italy small group tour of a lifetime. Join us in this Abruzzo Tour, the greenest region in Europe, where you will see and taste the wonders of this secret gem, which boasts the best of the Adriatic sea and the mountainside.

This 8 day/7 night Abruzzo Tour begins at Vincenzo’s Nonna’s table, where you will enjoy a home-cooked meal prepared especially, and the highlights don’t end, with 60% of Italian truffles found in Abruzzo and some of the most acclaimed wine and extra virgin olive oil on the planet, you will visit and uncover a culinary world of hidden treasures…with a view.

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Introducing: Italy Unexplored Tour with Vincenzo’s Plate. The REAL Italy, like you’ve never seen it before.

5 nights’ accommodation in a centrally located hotel in vibrant Pescara, moments’ walk from the beach
2 nights’ accommodation in a 16th Century Villa, featuring Baroque interiors and period furniture. An experience that will take you back in time
Pick-up and drop-off from and to Rome
transfers by minibus for all the length of the tour
Included meals: 7 breakfasts, 6 lunches and 5 dinners
We work closely with an Italian tour operator who can help you to plan the rest of your stay in Italy before and/or after the tour

Home-cooked welcome dinner at Nonna’s house where you will taste the traditional flavours of the Abruzzo Region
Overlooking the 3 highest mountains in Abruzzo in all of their glory while enjoying a meal from the rooftop of one of the most internationally acclaimed B&B’s in Italy
A full day exploring the incredible Tremiti Islands on a private yacht while enjoying fresh seafood and swimming in crystal clear waters.
Wine tasting at family-owned winery Cantina Zaccagnini, where you get close to the grapes and master winemakers, while enjoying a meal overlooking the vineyard
Fresh seafood meal in an historical fisherman’s hut (Trabocco) while overlooking the Adriatic sea
Pecorino cheese making located in one of “The most beautiful cities” in Italy on a farm that is fully immersed in the traditions of shepherds and protecting the land
Exclusive music & art live performances in surprising locations with uninterrupted views

Italy Tour DATES: Check the dates

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This exclusive Italian #tour is reserved for 10 guests only. It has been especially curated for the #Summer in Italy.

Double room EU €2900 per person (double room based on double occupancy)
Single room supplement € 195 (double room, single occupancy)

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  1. There are many tours that are possible to make. Tour of castles alone pays the price of the trip, some of them are museums others are converted in charming hotels.
    Search "Castles of Abruzzo"
    Abruzzo is the region with the majority of protected natural parks in Europe, where you can see deers, wolves, bears of Marsica region, linx, eagles and many others species.
    My friend from Brazil told me "I traveled all South America and there are no beaches like you can see in Abruzzo"
    Gold Sandy beaches or breathtaking cliffs, there you can find Trabocco an ancient way to fish, many are now restaurants.
    There are many cities that are UNESCO heritage, Santo Stefano Di Sessanio is famous, but there are many more, like Castelli with is traditional ceramic artisans, Atri, and a lot more.
    Saffron is cultivated in Navelli, and is premium quality. Genziana is our traditional distilled from Genziana's root, or Centerbe (One hundreds herbs) that is 72% alcohol!
    In winter you can go skiing, snowboarding or experience all other winter's sport or simply relax close to the fireplace with a glass of our Abruzzese Punch.
    Famous places are Roccaraso, Rivisondoli.
    Lakes worth a visit are Scanno, Barrea and Bomba.
    If you are more adventurous you can go trekking or climbing in the mountains Maiella and Gran Sasso, or maybe you want experience rafting or canoing is possible too. Speed biking? When have many places to try.
    We have in Villa Santa Maria one of the best culinary school in the world.
    Niko Romito 3 Michelin stars chef in Castel Di Sangro is from that school.
    I hope you will arrive to visit us, Abruzzesi are very kind and welcoming people.
    Other Italians refer about us like "Abruzzesi forti e gentili"
    "Abruzzesi strong and kind"
    I'm happy that Vincenzo had this initiative to bring our region to the attention of the rest of the world

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    Hey Vincenzo saw you on Tabieats now I'm your Subscriber too.

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    I love this, I can't wait to go on one of your tours. A few more years when my kids are a little bigger. Hopefully you won't stop doing them lol! Until then, I will just have to enjoy how you take us there in your videos 🙂

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    Amazing country Italy, nice to see your travel video! liked!

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    Wonderful tour, Vincenzo my good friend 🙂 Thumbs up!

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  11. celso guajardo villarreal

    excelente algun dia iremos al tour. saludos hermosa Italia.

  12. Magnificent! All of what you said is my favourite in Italy. Mum was from Abbruzzo.Province Pescara. Love the scenery & food. Thank you guys xo

  13. Nice. Thanks for uploading ..

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    Che bello😍😍🤩

  15. Vincenzo, your 8 day tour is amazingly alluring! Your production of this video is utterly professional! I wish I could hire your crew to film for me! I'm in awe of everything; the food, the scenery, and the videography! Great job my friend!

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    Abruzzo, Montesilvano, vacanze 2002!!

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    Beautiful work. Thanks Vincenzo

  18. It's my ultimate dream to visit Italy. I would only do it with your tour! ❤

  19. Vincenzo, I'm from Abruzzo too. Our region was a well kept secret paradise of ancient history, breath taking landscapes, and incredible food in the middle of Italy. All tourists go Rome, Tuscany, Rimini and for us abruzzesi was fine.
    Now you decide alone to share the best kept secret of Italy…. Why you didn't ask before?

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