Avalon Waterways River Cruises Panorama Suites Review and Tour

What are the cabins like on an Avalon Waterways River Cruises ship? In this video Gary Bembridge, cruise and author, reviews and a Panorama Suite (which are over 80% of the cabins on their ships). Find out what makes the Avalon Waterways river cruise cabins different to other river cruise boats in Europe, as well as the facilities and treats they have.

Find out more about Avalon Waterways by Gary Bembridge in:
Avalon Ship Tour video:
Avalon -Things you need to know before choosing to cruise with them video:

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  1. Sheila Robinson

    It all looks lovely can't wait to go..

  2. I went on Avalon in April of 2016. The bed did not face window. We cruised the Rhine. Amsterdam to Basel Switzerland.

  3. Did you prefer Avalon or Ama Waterways? I truly undecided on what one to choose.

  4. Gary Klingelsmith

    Does Avalon cruise the river during day? My impression is not. Just late afternoon/early evening or early morning?

  5. Hi Gary, I was wondering if you're allowed to bring your own drinks onboard, both at the outset and during the cruise. I've never been on a river cruise but from my experience with ocean cruises there are usually restrictions – even P&O have now introduced them – as drinks are obviously a good source of income for the cruise companies. Please could you also let me know of your experience with bringing drinks onboard with other river cruise lines in addition to Avalon. Do river cruises have security screening when you return to the ship and do they issue you with a "cruise card" for ID and additional expenses?

  6. Great. V informative & clear

  7. Dear Gary! Happy New 2018th Year!!! Thank you very much for your oeuvre and let us hope and trust that within the upcoming 365 days you’ll accomplish many more interesting journeys, illuminating the public on all the important and exiting details of them!

  8. Very panoramic indeed! Gary, I have a question: how many times (if ever) you were charged for the drinks from the mini bar, which you even didn’t touch? Does such a fraud by the hotel / cruise management – authority take place often? Is there any statistics on that?

  9. You've sold us on Avalon over Viking. Hopefully in the not so distant future, we'll give them a try. I love the balcony concept, and upscale bathrooms.

  10. Tips For Travellers

    What do you think of the cabin? Likes and dislikes?