World Tour – Germany

Willkommen in Deutschland! This collection takes us from the bustling capital city Berlin, where we do some sightseeing at the Brandenburg Gate, to the fairytale German countryside with gardens populated by quirky garden gnomes – travelling in a VW Beetle of course!

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  1. EliteFootball96

    At most the muslims are immigrants from Turkey that head into former East Germany, not West. Most of the people live in the West. We could say, from what I've read, the East is sort of like the Bronx and Queens if Germany was NYC.

  2. are you drunk? 😀 I live in germany and I only know like 3 muslims and I never see them :D.. messed up.. ya sure xDDD

  3. dont do it, seriously. it is getting messed up by muslims and as long as you're not muslim i wouldn't suggest moving here. they didnt show the real germany in this video!

  4. so i was wondering, i would like to move to germany, how hard is it to get your citizenship?

  5. I Loved it, since I Love my German Heritage.